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    How to Bring the Spa Party Experience to Your Home

    spalady Newbie
      What is a home spa party
      A home spa party is kind of like a Tupperware Party or Pampered Chef party but ours is all about SpAAAAA.

      We have things like robes, slippers, massage stones, eye masks and its all wrapped around our amazing Pouring Passion Massage Oil Candles.

      These Candles:
      1. You Light them
      2. Let them liquefy
      3. Blow them out and
      3. Massage your body!
      4. There is no wax or parafin
      They are amazing soy that is pure natural vitamin E and natural oils and very healthy for your skin, even safe and works great on your animals irritated skin.

      Becoming a Consultant - How and Why!
      Here are some of the reasons you will love your new business.

      Secure and Financial Future
      Work full or part-time while having unlimited income potential
      Start out between 30%-45% wholesale discounts.

      Career Advancements
      By building your Heaven Essence team with the Spa Consultants that you recruit you enable yourself to earn even more money in addition to your sales.

      Owning your own business
      You own your own busines tax benefits offered,such as deductions,mileage,phone bills and more.

      Flexible Hours
      You make your own schedule

      Ongoing Training
      We are here for you every step of the way

      We took a 4 day Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas. Next trip will be announced.

      How to get started
      Becoming a Consultant

      Call Paula at (518) 253-0297 or e-mail questions to
      also visit our website for more information: