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    Are there any beaders/jewelry designers in the community?

    dazzler Wayfarer
      Hello. I thought I would see if there are others in the community that like to design jewelry and enjoy beading? I started my own Internet based business almost 3 years ago. I only make 1-of-a-kind pieces, mostly necklaces and sometimes a matching bracelet. All my necklaces are named and come in attractive packaging. I work very hard on my business almost everyday and have been lucky and blessed with various clients that include celebrities and even received some great press and magazine exposure. I am very hard on myself and strive for quality and to do better in better with my work and increased revenue. In 2005, my sales were very good. In 2006, my sales were good, but I find in 2007 that sales are lackluster. It seems the more I advertise and spend money on Google Ad Words, banner ads, etc. sales get worse. It's better if I just stay private and keep quiet. I don't know if it is me or the economy and would love to hear from others. It seems this is a very competitive and over-saturated market. Any suggestions? I can't fail!!!! Thank you.