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    The Top 5 Tools I use when maintaining Websites

    Evan.Jones Wayfarer
      Hey guys and gals,

      Evan here with a list of the top 10 resources I use when checking and maintaining my websites. All of them are free and none are affiliates or anything like that :P


      5. Quick Checklist to consider when launching a new website

      4. Website Code Checker and Load Time Optimizer
      3. Official Website Code Validator

      2. Check your website in all versions of IE

      1. Google Analytics (yes, its free)
      What is it? A way to track how well your website is performing (traffic, bounce rate, keywords, and more)
      Quick Intro: (powerpoint):
      Video Tutorial:

      What list do you want to see next? (e.g. best free online shopping carts, best e-commerce providers etc..) Just reply in this thread.

      Hope spring is treating you all well,