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    Looking to start a ecommerce business

    MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer

      I just found this place and this is my 1st day on here and I like what is on here and seems like a lot of nice business type people and forum on here so I thought I give this place a shot.

      Michael75065 from Mentor Ohio a suburb of Cleveland Ohio


      I am looking to start a good ecommerce internet business and would like any opportunties or suggestion on what to start. I have few ideas and been study the heck out of ecommerce business.

      I have lots of expereience in sales and marketing and degreed in marketing and I want to despereratly start a successful ecommerce internet business. I would like to sell ecommerce marketing products and start a shopping cart selling general merchandise for home and personal use for less called ShopNSaveMart

      I feel given a chance I could be real successful in my own ecommerce business. I ran a business for 10 years in printing and graphics. I probly read every book and studied on what it takes to have a successful business,

      If anybody on here would like to help me or email advice on starting a ecommerce business and any good opportunities please let me know or email me.

      I feel I am ready just need help on building a shopping cart and good ecommerce business opportunty.

      I like to be a reseller of ecommerce marketing products and sell products on there internet but have problems finding a affordable half way decient shopping cart that doesn't cost a fortune to start.



      Anybody like to help or email me advice would be great,
      Michael Ladd
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking to start a ecommerce business, Welcome Michael from Mentor

          If you are looking for advice on starting this ecommerce business, I have TWO suggestions.

          ONE: Develop both a Business and Marketing Plan.

          TWO: Contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can help you.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer
              Hi luckiest.

              I thank you for information and I have already been to score and they didn't seem to help and what can a business plan do for me when I have done all research and studying like heck on this business. Man there a lot to know if want to do this right.

              I need a good shopping cart at good price that I can do or whatever and I like any good ecommerce business opportunties or offer from a good company not ripoffs or scam that I can make money at.

              If you can help that would be wonderful or anybody.

              Michael from Mentor Ohio
              Michael Ladd
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                  consultingbob Wayfarer
                  > I need a good shopping cart at good price that I can do or whatever and
                  I like any good ecommerce business opportunties or offer from a good
                  company not ripoffs or scam that I can make money at.

                  For the shopping cart, as a start-up business just selling a few products you have lying around, you should check out either PayPal or Google Checkout. Both services are available to anyone and are easy to setup. I'm not too familiar with Google's service (which is not as popular as PayPal), but the PayPal Merchant Services are Top Rate. You can use their server to host your products, build a shopping cart, process shipping charges, taxes, take the payments through the PayPal account, the whole she-bang. There are no contracts, no monthly fees - you only pay transaction fees for the sales you actually make, which is exactly what you need as a startup when you have no idea what your sales are going to look like. What little you do spend on transaction fees you just keep track of, because you'll be deducting them as business expenses from your gross profits at the end of the year.

                  Check them out - just go to and click on the "Business" tab at the top of the page. If you end up doing consulting work, too, they even offer a service to send invoices to customers/clients and they can pay you through the same account, making things even easier.

                  Bob Parker
                  Complete Internet Consulting
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                  slowded1977 Newbie
                  yes try global sources lets see how that do.
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                  vnavguys Tracker
                  Score is great, but they wont do jack for you when your beginning. I own ecommerce sites too, and they are fun and rewarding. Research is the key. What are you passionate about? You have to pick something that holds your interest and then make a killer plan. If you have no plan, you get nowhere fast. I have several ideas, but you may not be interested in the content, so what do you like is the question I always ask. When you figure that out, we can move to the next step.

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                      Mike75065 Scout

                      Hi Vnavguys/Ken

                      My name is Michael Ladd or Mike and I do appeciate your rplay in wanting to start a ecommerce.
                      I want to start to ecommerce businesses. One is ShopNSaveMart selling general merchandise and personal items items for less to help consumer save money in this crazy economy.

                      Also want to be reseller for ecommerce products like hosting, domains, websites and shopping carts and related products.

                      I want to advertising on a newsletter or blog and I need to find a good shopping cart, I coming close.
                      I have degree inb Marketing from Sryacuse NY and had a scholership in wrestling. I been the op in all my fields and longest job was 10 years and now I want to start my own business parttime an d go fulltime eventually. Been a sales manager and marketing manager my whole life. I have some backgroung in ecommerce for Consilidated Frieghtway a 3 billion dollar freightways.


                      If you like to talk email me and we can go from there. What business are you in or doing???



                      Please email and keep in touch
                      Recieved your very nice reply
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                      MrsCincali09 Newbie

                      One of the most overwhelming parts of selling things online, can be the creation of your online store.

                      For those who may looking to setup their own online store, an easy way to get one up and running quickly is by using the Market theme.

                      Market is a theme template for Wordpress (a free content management system) that gives you the ability to sell products. The Market theme contains a built-in shopping cart system, and product administration tool for easily adding and editing products.

                      It then connects with your Paypal account for processing your customer payments.

                      Since the Market theme uses the Wordpress content management system, adding or editing pages on your website and product information is a breeze. You don't need coding experience or a lot of technical knowledge.

                      You can play around with an online demo here:

                      That way you can try it out before you commit to anything.
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                        eBusiness09 Wayfarer
                        Contact to receive your free quote. Create Your eBusiness will create a 3 page web site for you FREE of charge
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                          exshootrading Newbie
                          Hi Michael,

                          This is also my first day and reply onhere, i'm Ben from China.

                          I currently work in Exshoo Trading . (

                          I think starting a e-business is easy (build a website or find a online marketplace like ebay to be your sales flat+ find a supplier & get quotations, you can buy stock or do drop shipping, then you make your own money) the most important thing is you should have a plan or somthing and an idea of what you want to sell and find the right supplier.

                          Your country is a great market for almost all kinds of merchandises. I hope you have already made a lot of money:)