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    Retail Store for Sale & Seeking Loan Options 4 Buyer - HELP!

    alaskaduffys Newbie

      Last July I opened a store that sells new and gently used children's items as well as maternity clothing. With the downward spiral of the economy, our little store has actually done great since more people are turning to budget-friendly options for baby items especially. The store is able to sustain itself, and I am begining to recover my initial investment. The problem is that my husband is relocating his business headquarters a few hundred miles away, and therefor I am forced to either sell or move my store. I have had several ladies interested in buying it, at $38,000, which is about what we have in inventory and assets. The most promising buyer, has been working hard to find loan options thru her bank, but isn't having any luck dealing with them. She owns a home & several vehicles, and has a husband with a solid job. I am begining to become concerned that the average hard working American may not really have loan options available for a situation such as this. It really is a shame since I have put very little into advertising and am already doing very well. This store has incredible potential, but I know the banks are only looking at numbers and risks right now especially. Does anyone have any advise regarding a small personal line of credit, or other such options that I may be able to offer my potential buyer?!?!? We are both VERY motivated to make this happen!!! Please help.