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    Looking for $50k for new business...

    DollarDeals Newbie
      I already have a business going it's been established for 16 years now in the same location. It's a Discount Store selling items from .99 cents to hundred dollar home furniture, we sell it all to the community. We bought this store 2 years ago and it was going under and we came in and brought old clients back and brought down prices to entice customers back and the word spread quickly. So we brought in higher price items to compensate for the lower priced items. We are next to a major anchor Winn Dixie Food Marker & CVS Drugstore. \\ We are now looking for capital for a new business which will be much more successfull and less risky than being in one location. Our new idea calls for being established in many high traffic areas and offering the product on a consignment basis and a 50/50 split with the owner of such locations. I currently have these products in my store so I know it's a cash cow. And we are looking to establish a system doing the same in our city and then expanding to other city's and then nationwide. There's is one major U.S. city with little or no competition which we found out doing research. We are looking for $50k as startup seed. My credit is not the best since I had to go into bankruptcy due to a divorce I had. She took off to another country and left me in debt. and went on a shopping spree before leaving. What would be the best and easiest way to obtain a loan in this situation. \\ Jose