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    H1B Visa Holder's company getting paid

    invest2shine Newbie
      I am sure similar posts are lying around but I cant get myself to it. So, here i go. I am a H1B Visa holder trying to start a company so that my part-time work can be used to make some money. Having learnt that I can start a company but cannot 'work' for that company, I have one question in this concern.

      (1) If I start a company, not including any other Green card / Citizen to partner with, thus me being the only person in that Incorporation, can my company have a bank account and receive payments from clients?

      Basically, I am inquiring if someone is paying for my work but not to me but to a company that I own.

      (2) Although, i can see that even if I get paid ( i.e ..a client paying my company a cheque..), Can i draw money from that company account for personal use?


      Your comments are greatly appreciated.