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    Looking for Business Partnership

    ramfsip Newbie
      This is RAM-(FSIP) Business Solutions, an outsourcing company based in the Philippines. We can render services for your growing business. These services allow you to focus on generating more income while we handle the time consuming daily tasks of coordinating with your customers.


      Our Premium Service consists of Telemarketing Services, Virtual Assistance/Support and Non-voice processes.


      Our facilities and technology consists of the state-of-the-art technology capable of inbound and outbound contact center solution with basic monitoring, and recording features; full featured predictive dialer; dedicated (leased) internet line of 1Mbps; and, Voice-over IP provisioning and back-up systems.


      *My firm's attributes includes k*nowledgeable, well-spoken company representatives; expertise in telling your story; excellence in building the right list of qualified prospects to call; a non-disclosure, confidentiality agreement; clear and understandable campaign reporting; open, meaningful communication; establishment of goals and measurement tools; interaction between your sales and management team and the professional telemarketers; pricing that is clear and fair; and ability to analyze, test and refocus campaigns for your maximum result.


      Our services are scaleable depending on your preferred business growth. Our Agents are all university degree graduates, equipped with the needed experience and attitude to handle any assigned task. We have a pool of experts to suit your company needs.


      We shall be glad to discuss the details of the service with you.


      Sincerely yours,


      Ria Liza


      Managing Director




      U.S.A. TFN 888-886-5474
      Mobile No. +639167000534
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking for Business Partnership, Welcome Ria

          Always looking for Business Partnership. Tell me more. What kind of partnership??

          How long have you been in business?? How many people employed by RAM??

          IS it YOU?? "My firm"?? or MANY "Our facilities"

          Will be in touch, LUCKIEST
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              ramfsip Newbie

              Hi Luckiest,

              The kind of partnership we offer is more on Marketing & Virtual Assistance. We can do all telemarleting works or support systems (in any field..since we maintain a pool of professionals and skilled workers). You can refer to our website for the list of services we provide. And the catch here is..we can negotiate for an affordable price.


              We just started last July 8, 2008. We are new but you blood are better since newbies tend to prove they are better...or wanted to make good if not remarkable impressions to clients.


              I have 20 seats that can operate on 3-shifts. Then only few personnel to maintain low overhead cost.

              I called it "my firm" cause I own the company. "Facilities" pertain to the many things we have to support our job.

              It is my pleasure to know you and to keep in touch. My email is, YM: riadear21, Skype: babyria070605