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      I use Quickbooks on my computer which is basically micro soft windows.
      I want to know if Quickbooks on the Mac is different?? If different How??
      Can one system be imported into the other??
      Thanks in advance for your answers.
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          179.99 @ QB for MAC.

          Trying to import QB from Windows app to MAC app yourself could be more of a headache than its worth but thats just me. ;)

 has a system that will let you run windows on a mac...but your problem is the opposite<br<br />"Macs and PCs are both computers but with different histories. Primarily, the difference between the two is the Operating System and Processors.

          Macs are based on the Unix operating system which was originally developed at Bell Labs (now part of Lucent) in the late 60s (1969 to 1971). The Unix OS was designed from the beginning to be a fault-tolerant, multi-threated and multi-task capable OS for AT&T (the original phone company) to run on its CO (central office phone switches) boxes (Do you remember the little red brick buildings in your neighborhoods? Those were the CO phone the neighborhood phone network). That's a SHORT history of UNIX.

          From this original unix os general public license was developed, and unix evolved into the different major branches of unix: AT&T's Unix, IBM's AIX, HP's UX, SCO's version, and Sun's Solaris.


          PCs developed a bit later from a combination of three companies who desired to bring computing to the masses. Microsoft, Intel and IBM. Ibm produced the first PC in 1981 with the OS by Microsoft (DOS), and the cpu by Intel.

          Apple also came out popularly around this time but the Apple 2e series hit the market in 1983/4 - but it also ran DOS. Later versions evolved to run Apple's Unix OS.

          In short, Macs ARE generally faster and stabler than celeron based home PCs. Macs are also A LOT more expensive than PCs, which is why can't outsell PCs.
          Macs originally developed a closed standard of sales: PCs evolved into the OPEN-standards that we see today: Many brands of PCs, and white boxes (PC clones).

          Apple refused to open its hardware standards like Intel, IBM. In fact, one of the earliest brands of PCs was Compaq."

          end of NJ Steves post.

          You may just need to order the MAC version. If you are not a software guru then you are asking for trouble and more cost as you take the computer to someone to fix it after the programs get jumbled.

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            I don't know if the software is much different, but I believe the data files can be imported from pc to mac and the other way around.

            Are you buying a mac?

            I recently looked at macs. I do a lot of graphics work and would love to own a PowerMac. Unfortunately, they aren't in my budget right now. I would also have to re-purchase Microsoft Office, PhotoShop CS, CorelDraw, QuickBooks, Dreamweaver, etc.

            I'm having a computer built by Velocity Micro, but my ship date isn't until October 29th.

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              To answer your question:

              Yes, QB for Mac is different than QB for windows, and No, it can't be imported from PC to Mac. I'm a former PC user that switched to Macs 4 1/2 yrs ago, and have always used QB. My accountant uses a PC, so I backup my files for PC use, which converts the Mac files to PC, he restores the company on his PC, saves the changes, and sends it back. When I restore the company, QB re-converts the files back from PC to mac. In short, QB calls the process "round tripping". You'd need to purchase QB for Mac, I will say the latest version of QB for Mac is less than perfect. There's a bunch of glitches when using it. It's nothing serious or major, just little annoyances. I called Intuit to complain about it when I first got it, and they refunded my money and let me keep the software. I will say switching from PC to Macs was the best thing I could have ever done. I'm in the service business, and run File Maker 7.0. I don't use them for graphics or any of that, and they're still light years ahead of PCs IMO.
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                Quickbooks is much different on a MAC than a PC, I converted my office computers to MAC's last year because I use a MAC at home and found that you can't convert your Quickbooks PC files.
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                  Isn't a PC different from a Mac? I don't know anything about a Mac besides the fact that they operate differently. If it were me, I would make certain (professionally) that the two (meaning Quickbooks software and a Mac computer) can be integrated.
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                    The quickbooks Mac version has a free trial later this month.
                    You can try it out for yourself :


                    Also read up on "switch to mac" section - there are some limitations on the mac version.