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    Website reviews

    NatOnline Tracker

      I think it's not a bad idea to ask this community to review all our sites in this thread, perhaps a great way to improve them.

      All comments are welcome :-)

      Please review

      Thank you
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Your site is easy to read and navigate. I like that you are using readable font and color to get the message across.
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              NatOnline Tracker
              Thank you DomainDiva, I will be interested to know what you don't like or what you are expecting from our site you don't see ;-)

              Basically what can I do to improve this site.

              Thank you
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  Well in that case I will tell our designer to check it out and get back with you. Jim is a professional and teaches visual communication at the university level. Hes also my brother in did I ever luck out on that one.

                  Your site visually (with the pastel colors) tells the story for your product.

                  Our site is
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                      Excellent Adventurer
                      I like your home page. Are you saying your business gathers and stores all information of an aircraft so that if there should be a problem, while in flight, the pilot can call up (via computer) the history of the plane? Do you have a testimonial page? Should you have something, on your page, that shows your affiliation with a company that provides security? For example: I've heard that when you use Wikipedia, you shouldn't rely on the information because others can go in and change it.
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                          Excellent Adventurer
                          FYI: My response was for Aviasphere, not DomainDiva.
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                            DomainDiva Ranger
                            That module that you describe is actually a 'reliability' module. The information in that data base is taken from the aircraft log pages and write ups.

                            We are a startup. Our kernel is programmed and we are seeking addditional funds. Our program takes the 'record' of the maintenance task and the 'information' about the task and merges them together in one step, currently it is two steps with the infromation being stored on inventories...think excel spread sheets and the actual reocrds themselves that verify the information being stored in the boxes as you saw on the website.

                            Since our website is really industry specific things like security will be spelled out in the subscriber contracts. Our web host has provided us with a maximum security platform that will be described in detail as I said in the subscriber contract. We have no plans to commercialize the website on the front side. We are in the process of coding in Websitetoolbox forums and other things that will be accessible by a button known as 'community'. That is where our jumping point will be to forums, FAQ and vendor/ad links.

                            Our approach is not only in storage and recall but in the area of data - information - knowledge as well. I am the only aviation industry expert (Domain Expert) on the team. My Technical design team consists of me, the domainexpert, a knowledge engineer (very well known writes textbooks..), and our visual commmunication and design professional. We named our kernel AMaNDA...Asset Management and Noemic Document Assistant.

                            The kernel itself is designed and programmed as a cross enterprise business product and contains the code structure for all of our product pipeline 10 years down the road.

                            Pilots report problems, mechanics fix them.
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                      mpoweringu Wayfarer
                      Hello NatOnline -

                      I think your site looks wonderful and is very simple and easy to navigate (a BIG key with ecommerce enabled web sites!)

                      There are only a few things that I would mention to have you think about:

                      • I am not sure if you have a developed logo or brand for your company, but when looking at your site, your current logo sort of blends in with the design and does not really stand out. If this is your current brand (which it looks fine, just not really grabbing attention,) then a simple fix would be to create a way to highlight the brand and make it stand out from the page. \\ \\ Maybe come up with a design that could go behind this logo (for instance, imagine a physical sign that has the name of the company in the middle. The ones that grab your attention have some sort of cool shape and colors that pulls your eyes to the name of the company.)
                      • Your "shopping cart" module is at the bottom of the page on the right-side on every single page. While I see that you have the "view cart" link in the main horizontal navigation at the top, a module such as the one I am referring to is usually expected on ecommerce sites to quickly see a running total. It should always be near the top or at the top.
                      • I would re-order the main horizontal navigation links in terms of most visited from left to right (sort of industry standard.) So, Home, Products, About Us, Testimonials, View Cart, Policy, and Site Map.
                      The colorful, vertical navigation on the left is excellent and works well at grouping related links together!

                      All-in-all, a good site!

                      Hope this helps!

                      Brian - (we are going through a design/site transition, so the one you will see currently is our old one)
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                          NatOnline Tracker

                          Thank you for you review,

                          We did not developed a logo yet.To be honest, I have tried myself but I am not a specialist in logos, and I did not like my own work lol

                          The shopping cart module is a problem, and I needed to make a choose between the module products display or the mini shopping cart. I think the products are more important. My idea was perhaps to change the template, something more fluid, larger, I will have the space to put them at the right place.


                          Yes the order of the main horizontal navigation could be changed. The left navigation is css.

                          This template was basically a big test, the original template has nothing to do anymore with my site.

                          The template was made for Dreamweaver, the first developer converted in Front Page, then my second developer converted again in Dreamweaver, the dwt are not anymore actual, etc...What I really need is making enough money to find a good designer and develop the template below.

                          I already own this template: but the colors need to be customized, and all the links and data base connected. So far a full month will be enough, and I don't have the time yet to work on it :-( or like I said if I find someone to do it for a reasonable price it would be great.
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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger
                          Good site structurally and functionally -- easy to read, search, and navigate.

                          I would move the "100% satisfaction guarantee" to the very top of the "Policy" page, and make it stand out more strongly than anything. Burying that assurance way down the page below payment details, and then surrounding it with all the return and refund conditions, sends a negative message (i.e., it's more important to you to get their money than to provide customer satisfaction). I'm sure that's not the case, but where that guarantee is located doesn't give me a great deal of confidence that problems would be resolved quickly or easily.

                          The "About Us" page has a map with a star near Poipu, but the "Contact" page has an address near Vegas. That made me wonder if you are a downline order-taker or an actual retailer who selects and stocks the products you sell. It may not matter to some, but I'm likely to search for lower-priced competitors if it's the former. (I buy spa and pool products on-line, and the prices can vary widely among downline sellers for the exact same thing.)

                          If you're only taking orders that are fulfilled by someone else, the "vagueness" is probably fine. If you're the one fulfilling the orders, however, I think it would be to your advantage to say so -- maybe replace that big Hawaii map with graphic that illustrates a "Hawaii-to-Henderson-to-you" concept (illustrating not only the Hawaiian connection you describe, but also to give the customer fulfillment part of the business more visibility and prestige).

                          Finally, I see that some items show "out of stock." Is this based on a real time inventory database? If so, great. I would emphasize that fact. I prefer shopping on sites where the ability to place something in the cart means they physically have it and it's ready to ship ( If that's NOT the case, you might consider taking the product down altogether until it's available -- it's frustrating to complete a transaction, and then learn by e-mail that your item is backordered for six weeks (

                          I hope this feedback was helpful. Best wishes!
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                              NatOnline Tracker

                              Thank you for your review.

                              I did not think about that: "100% satisfaction guarantee", I will fix it :-)

                              On the About us page, we just wanted to show all the islands and point out the location where we stayed (on our vacation. (basically where we discover the Hawaiian products).


                              Yes this is the real time inventory data base, and I could put down the product, but for SEO purposes I cannot do that, otherwise I will lose my ranking.
                              We are a retailer and we have our own stock, the problem is each time we order, the shipping cost is very heavy, so we cannot buy our products from the manufacturer for just a few items out of stock. What do are starting to do is buying in large quatity the popular products.

                              This is rare, but it's happen a few time, to advise the customers of a non available product, in this case we offer for free some products to compensate. We are offring often free products when some customers order a certain amount of order, and sometimes for forget to take off the products offered from the data base.


                              Thank so much it was a great and very helpful review.
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                              LUCKIEST Guide
                              SCORE has a Virtual Learning Center on line at
                              including the Foundations of Marketing and #5 Building a Web Site.
                              Hope that helps. LUCKIEST
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                                DomainDiva Ranger
                                As far as Logos go, you use the flower as an icon for the add to about incorporating that into a logo? The flower as the background and your name in front?
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                                  DomainDiva Ranger

                                  Hi Nat, Here is what my designer brother in law said about your site: in quotes

                                  " Way too many unnecessary boxes and rules.

                                  Online stores present their own challenges. They are by necessity rally image laden and so, even today, the old bandwidth thing really makes them difficult in the quick loading department. I think there should be a simple 'island motif' in the background or at least an 'islnady' color. Something that could load quick and be an incident thereafter.

                                  The images are pretty small. Lots of the detail gets lost in the 72dpi world of computer monitors. There are enlargemenbts with the further product description, but some of them are not terribly readable either.

                                  Personally I would liekw to see a little more typographic contrast...perhaps product names could be a couple of points larger.

                                  Other than those things, I find it to be functionaland easy to navigate. It has no confusion or unaswered questions. The information is good and solid and seems to anticipate visitor questions quite well. People should visit again, just absed on the quality of the information.

                                  Online stores are what they are. Most of them look alike and are based upon templates, which by necessity are "Safe". My online gallery will probably start that way, just because most of my questions about function would already be answered. But most of the templates I have seen are customizable. I think that should be exploited.

                                  Please do not tell your friend her site is awful. It is not it is professional.
                                  It just does not stand out from the crowd like it could...and it could be less boxy. and there could be more people pictures to engage the reader...People identify with people.:"

                                  end of quote and DD PS: I can't wait to get my goodies from your site.
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                                      NatOnline Tracker

                                      Thanks again DomainDiva to take the time of this review, it is very important for me :-)


                                      There are some things I can do, and some I can't. As far as the name products, they all are generated by the data base, and I don't have the software to change the parameters.


                                      I can use my photo studio to take all products, but it will take months to convert, clean up etc...Many products will not be sold anymore, so we know some of products are popular and some don't. It will take a little while before to be the popular will stay on our list for tw reason. Either the page products are optimized correctly, or the products are not popular. It could be also taking off from the manufacturers list.

                                      When you are alone for all the technical problems, you need to choose where to focus on your business, that's not easy particulary when you are dad of a 2 years old boy ;-)

                                      Anyway, that's the life, I am trying to do the best I can.
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                                        NatOnline Tracker

                                        I am sorry I did not realize you ordered from our site ;-) Hope you will enjoy your goodies, I think I added something more ;-)


                                        Thank you so much
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                                        CEO Space Scout

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                                          limwebdesign Wayfarer
                                          Hi.. my 2 cents

                                          Your website is rather unique.. and most importantly you NAIL THE SEO... BRAVO!! :)
                                          some improvement for your user sake..
                                          here we go:
                                          1. You need BRAND identity.. it looks too crowded .. even thought you color coded.. it does not stands out.
                                          2. Remember -- always try to simplified.. i know you have a lots of stuff.. cleaner look will make user more comfortable browsing ur website.
                                          3. When user click on add to cart.. you need to have shown them "items" so.. they at least know that it has been at to cart.
                                          4. better organizing of your website structure.. maybe use "category" subcategory.. and then products

                                          well... other than that.. i am sure your business is doing just fine :)
                                          Have a wonderful day!