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    An attorney I spoke with said I am going want to incorporate

    massagefever Adventurer
      at some point. Granted for him to do it, it going to be a good chunk of money but I like and trust this attorney (never thought you would hear that did ya). He talked with me on the phone for 45 mins and told me I didn't need to come see him for what I needed for no charge. So this leaves me with a few questions.

      An LLC is getting incorporated, correct?
      Is an effective way to go about this, since I am a very, very small biz with a small budget? They have been featured on many netoworks,, etc and are part of the BBB
      Is this goig to affect the amount I have to pay for items when I purchase them? It may be a silly question, but I don't want a company to hike up my price b/c I am inc. vs. not.