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    How to get clients

    bruce2006 Newbie
      I started a janitorial and lawn care service, and i'm having a hard time getting clients, i'm licensed and bonded and i have libility insurance, i put out flyers, add in yellow book, buisness cards and nothing, Help!!!!!
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Try contacting property management companies that have office buildings that need to be cleaned as well as grounds to be maintained. Also try home builders...model homes and the grounds surrounding them in a new commnuity must be maintained and you may be able to get the contract to clean house during construction phase(s).
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            It's very frustrating to do everything right and still have your product or service ignored.

            Lawn care and janitorial services tend to be contracted -- when someone is doing a good job at a fair price, customers stick with him (or her). When I look for a new provider, it's usually because the one I had either quit the business or became unreliable. Fortunately for you, that happens quite a lot -- so stick with your plan, and keep putting your name in front of people. Someone's lawn guy won't show up next week or next month, and you will be the man they call to replace him.

            Also consider contacting the new tenants of commercial buildings and the new occupants of homes in your area that were just sold or leased. Those folks may not have janitorial services or lawn care set up yet. Your community probably has a direct mail outfit that sends a package to new residents with flyers for local businesses. You might check to see if it would be cost-feasible to include your business flyer in their future mailings. Likewise, local newspapers often have a section in their classified ads once a week for home service providers (plumbers, exterminators, lawn care, etc.), and the cost of that is much lower than their regular newspaper ads (plus, you often get a listing in their web-based edition for free). This is where I searched for home services providers when I moved.

            Hope this helps. Best of luck to you!
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              It sounds like you are doing every thing right. You are licensed and bonded with insurance.
              I think there is a difference between janitorial services where you have to be a salesman and
              approach every strip mall and large shops to find out who now has the service and how
              you can do a better job and maybe for less money. That takes time.
              As compared to a lawn service where you have your name and phone number on the truck
              and as you work at one location or drive through a neighborhood, people see the truck.
              Keep the flyers and business cards flowing.
              Good luck, LUCKIEST