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    Project management Tool.....For Every Corporate...

    bisu82 Wayfarer
      Hi All,

      I Have a small software firm in a growing stage...We have our own devolpment center in India and we have a very good presence in UK and Australia.Now we have come up with a new concept called.."Project Management Tool" Which will be help full to every corporate..

      Our unique solution will help you design, control and manage all your service management needs.

      It allows you to set up each customer environment independently of others. Everything from projects, incidents, orders, catalogues, assets, documents, and SLA's can be set up for each customer and monitored through our Tool. Each customer gets their own customer portal from which they can monitor every aspect of the service as well as order new services.

      Projects can be managed much better with our automatic alert system that will help you track every deliverable, risk and issue without having to spend hours on the telephone.

      We provide a central project portal that all your Project Managers, Contractors, Staff, Procurement, and Customers can log onto to report progress and track status. Our innovative design makes it easy to standardise and manage every aspect of the project process.

      We'd be delighted to set up an evaluation site for you to try out "Our Solution" on one of your clients or projects. Using the online Help Centre, you should quickly be able to find your way around the application. If you'd prefer a more hands-on approach, please call us and we'll quite happily arrange training for you.

      Call us at..(+91) 96633 02317 or You can mail me ....