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    Retain Clients and Gain Referrals With Greeting Cards

    wealthpro Wayfarer
      Now you can send greeting cards through the postal mail from your computer thanks to a company called Send Out Cards.

      With just a few mouse clicks you can choose a card from a selection of over 12,000 cards, personalize it and send it. The company will print the card, stuff it into an envelope, put a stamp on it and mail it for you. All for around a buck, including postage.

      The system also allows you to create an online contact manager where you can group your contact into specific groups such as family, clients, etc. It will even notify you in advance of birthdays and anniversaries.

      There is a campaign feature that allows you to create a card and send it to an entire group. It will even personize each card by putting in the person's name. You can also use the campaign feature to set up a series of greeting cards to be sent out over time or on specific dates or holidays.

      You can send in a form to the company that will allow them to digitize your signature and create a handwriting font so that you can make the card look like you wrote it by hand.

      You can upload images to the inside of the card and with the PicturePlus feature, you can create really neat card covers from your own pictures.

      You can also have a gift card, check or chocolates included.

      This system is loved by Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Chiropractors and just about any business.

      If you would like to send out a couple of greeting cards on me to see the system work, just go to my site and click on "Click Here To Send Card".

      By the way, the system is also great for sending cards to friends and families. It's so convenient!

      Give it a try!

      David Simons