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    Do you have an employee recognition program?

    benlor Newbie

      What is the difference between a good employer and an average or bad one? Sometimes the answer can be as simple as making all of the employees feel valuable and appreciated. But how does a company do that?


      Some companies recognize certain employees for the big things, like those huge sales or preventing the loss of an important customer. But what about the employee who answers the phones, or empties the garbage? You know which ones I'm talking about; the employee who comes in every day, works hard, but is never recognized for anything that he or she does; the employee who isn't really noticed until he or she takes a day off work; or the employee who works quietly in the background that never receives that all important "pat on the back" for a job well done.


      Employee recognition starts with two simple words, "Thank you." When someone feels valued by a company she takes more pride in her work and continues to strive to be an even better employee and will look for ways to be more efficient to save the company resources. A happy and content employee works better as a part of a team, treats her coworkers better, is loyal to the company, and most importantly treats your customers better because she now takes a personal interest in the company, its reputation in the community, and its survival and dominance in the marketplace.


      When all of the employees in a company take a personal interest in the company's well being, the company can't help but survive and grow in this difficult time. If you would like information on how to start an employee recognition program at your company please email us at