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    Looking for floorplan financing for small used car lot!!!!

    dlex23 Newbie
      I found a great spot for a used car lot and plan on expanding my business to opening a lot.I have been selling used cars as a broker dealer but I have slowly been building up my capital and I am now ready to expand my business. I know about mafs, dsc,autouse,afc and the rest of the floorplans etc, but I am not sure I will qualify for any of them. I truly hate applying for anything blindly and not knowing my chances of being approved.Anyway to give you some insight about my financial situation.My credit isok at best, I have a 749 credit score on equifax and the other two bureau are in the low 600s at best. I was wondering if the floorplans pull all 3 bureaus when checking your credit info for approval and if not which floorplans pull what bureau specifically. I also wanted toknow which floorplan wouldbe the easiest to be approved for. Thanks in advance