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    Need Working Capital - BLOC, AR Factoring, Other Options

    Itslikethis Newbie

      Here is my situation. My business (it's just me on staff right now) has a sub contract through a major corporation to work at a government agency. I am a software subject matter expert, implementation specialist and project manager. I've been doing this type of work for 9+ years but went independent in February 09. Personal credit is currently in the 680 range because I've been operating this business out of my personal lines of credit.

      I have a contract, purchase order and proof of approximately $30k in accounts receivables in hand. I have been seeking a business line of credit. I am open to lines of credit, hard money loans, ar factoring or similar. I have a business plan. I'm on a net 45 with the corporation that is causing a cash flow issue. Once I'm past the start up cash flow issue the business is VERY self sustaining and I can repay any loans etc.

      LLC formed in Oct 08 (under 2 year requirement).
      Have 30k in AR built up since the end of February (less than 2 months)
      I do not get paid by credit card.
      I might like to work with someone to set up business credit and apply for things later - right now I need capital quickly.
      The major corporation will not assign my AR to a third party - even if I wanted them to do so.

      We can get by with as little as $20k. Have been seeking a $40k line of credit or loan. I'm being told SBA wont work because of the start up factor. I've been working with a loan officer who keeps explaining my 'start up' is similar to a doctor leaving a large practice to be independant. He's been a doctor for 9 years. He's got clients going with him. He doesnt have to learn to be a doctor again - he just needs working capital to get going.

      I don't have nearly the liability or working capital needs of a doctor - but otherwise the loan office is correct.

      Is there ANYONE out there who can help or point me in a right direction.

      Thanks in advance!