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    Seeking Funding: Energy Consulting Software

    kwhours Newbie
      I am looking for information on available sources of financing for $400k in seed funding. The focus of the startup is developing a business optimization tool for professional energy service companies. I am an energy efficiency consultant, and having negotiated access to 25 years of IP from my previous employer for the purpose of developing the product am ready to get off the ground. My team and I have developed a business plan, pitch deck, executive summary and after participating in several business plan competitions to hone our message we are ready to raise funds and build out our product.

      This seed funding will be directed primarily to hiring software engineers and graphic designers. We are uniquely positioned with a respected energy service company with over 25 years of industry contacts as a stakeholder, prepared to market the service to other professional service firms. My team and I are bright (including 2 top-tier MBAs), committed, and will not take salary until we are generating significant revenues.

      Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions,