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    Free Home Based Business Based on Christian Principles

    jados89 Adventurer
      Devoted Christian Stuart Finger created his Company GBG (Guided by God) to help all reach their goals in Life and Business and improve their health at the same. In too many Home Based Business are made to help the Top Guns and Heavy Hitters Win and leave the majority behind. But not GBG, Stuart created it to help everyone no matter if they have 1 person on their team, 100,000 team members or none. Stuart Finger was in other Business where he was making a Good Income while people in his organization made nothing, he found this to be unfair since most them were working their butts off to get where he was. So quit network marketing twice before forming GBG where all need is to know as little 2 people that take a Daily Multivitamin and you can make as much as you want a month and help others to the same. check out my website
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I looked at the website. No information on the 'science' or any of the ingredients any of these products contain. All products were presented as 'advertising' not something that you would take seriously for your health.

          The website looked like a comic book, maybe you need to have the company contact IWrite here on the forum, he can fix the ad copy, make sure the correct information gets to the oublic, because the company is not communicating to me, a possible user that this product is something I want to ingest. Are you sure this company has reliable products?

          Why would a person order these products? Just because the website says God is guiding them?