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    You will rebuild our economy

    timandren Newbie
      I have written this post especially for you. I want you to know that you are needed.

      You are important. Your work is important. Your business is important.

      Our economy is struggling right now. Jobs are being lost. People are suffering. The way out of this is through small business. The way out is you. Small business will lead the way for job creation. You and your business will rebuild this economy. One day at a time.

      Now don't take these words lightly. You have a responsibility. You have enjoyed all of the good economic times of recent past. You have been given a tremendous amount of freedom and opportunity. Now is time to honor what you've received by assuming a responsibility that is yours. You have a part to play in getting us back on track. We should not be looking to government for job creation. We should not be looking for hand-outs. We will thrive, as we always have, on innovation and hard work. Now is the time for both.

      The ripple effect
      Part of the reason the economy has slowed down so much is that everybody is spending time and energy talking about how bad it is. People have that kind of power. You have that kind of power. The economy is based on everyday decisions made by people just like you. If you decide to spend money, start a business or even talk about doing so, it creates a psychological ripple effect to those around you. Be a part of effective change. Speak only of growth, opportunity and how we can build together. Even better, put your money where your mouth is and invest in yourself, your business and your local economy.

      You are the foundation
      Small business is the foundation of our economy. Small business creates jobs. Small business creates local economy. Local economy effects national economy and so on. You and your business are part of our economic engine. Remember, all great the businesses of today had to start somewhere. All the blue chips began on a drawing board, the back of a napkin, in somebody's garage. Some small businesses will turn into the next Dell or American Apparel. Be the foundation of something bigger. We are counting on you.

      Take care of the people
      Your business thrives on people. People are essential to sales, promotions, success. Take care of your employees, your clients. Give them what they need. They will succeed - you will succeed. Invest your time and money in them and they will pay tremendous dividends to your business, and in turn, the economy at large. Be sure to give back a multiple of what you receive. Be a bigger giver than receiver. Go above and beyond what is required.

      I believe in you. I believe you make a difference. I believe in your ability to effect change for our economy by your words and actions. You can start right now by doing what I've for you today by passing along this message of encouragement to others. What does it feel like when someone tells you that they believe in you?

      Now go and tell somebody else. Forward this message to your friends and colleagues.