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    I need a line of credit.................

    scassociates Newbie

      I try to open any type of line of credit, unfortunally my bussine and i we have no credit history, let me break this down, i have being in business for almost 3 years and organize for 2 and plus, now my personal i haven't have any type of credit for the past 9 years, and gets even harder, because i wanted to be responsable no to buy a house, 'cause i was no sure if i can afort it well is not a collateral envolve.

      The line of credit (15 to 25K) is to sustaing my company due to a clients bankrupt on me, so i did have to come up and poor my company and personal savings to try to stay aflow, but is no getting any better and i am very closet to the point to start let my hard working people go, If is any one up there to guide me where to found any hard money leander or have the chance to open a line of credit to meet my business needs.

      PS. I have being contact by several (predatores leanders) to oferting they service and of couser is a very healthy up front fee just for them to " create " this line of credit for my business using gas cards and office store cards, stuff the i have already done but with out any success, but i rather have more money to meet normal needs , such as payroll, rent, etc. and no to worry where do i need to cut in order to meet this very vital needs.

      Thank you.