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    Nursing Agency

    SerenityCare Newbie
      Hello all Im am Registered nurse in healthcae in a critcal setting for the last 8 years. When it comes to healthcare I pretty much seen it all.
      I have a network of nurses with excellent nursing skills and professions as well as a team of nursing assistants. We plan on taking our skills
      and provide an agency providing care in all settings from hospitals to nursing homes, from critical to hospice care. Need a little advice from
      you guys to allow this vision to become an reality. No response to small ot to big. ideas on financing as well contact info on formulation. Thankyou.
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          phanio Pioneer
          Are you thinking about Home Health Care? If so, remember that the money in this industry is in Medicare and medicade. But, if takes some time to get licensed to provide services to these recipients. Your can search for infomration on the Department of Health's website. Why do I know this? I was an Executive Director for a business incubator in Texas - one of our clients was a home health company ( a very needed service in our area).

          If you plan on starting before getting fully licensed to handle medicare - then keep these things in mind:

          1) Really do good background checks on your employees.
          2) Hire a good accounting firm to handle all of your payroll - if you try to do it yourself - you will live with headaches.
          3) Have great policies in place - especially regarding when and how you are to be paid.
          4) Ensure that whatever job you take - pays enough to cover the costs. (Our client took a long-term care job is a area that was about 30 miles away - they were getting paid $20K a month for the job - but, in providing transportation, fuel, food, and travel time to and from the job site - they were spending $30K a month). Just make sure you understand your costs when you bid or quote a job.
          5) You must live HIPAA
          6) When getting insurance quotes - let them tell you want they think you will need then double it.

          Hope this helps - it has been a few years since I helped that company - if I can think of anything else - I will post it.

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              SerenityCare Newbie
              Thankyou very much for your feedback it was very good info that you've given me. I appreciate your time and input. If you happen to think of any other details that will help me I welcome your input.
              Thanks again.
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                ljvargas Newbie
                This is very helpful information. Do you have any tips on how to get through the Medicare and Medicade certification process in TX? I understand that it can take 2 years.
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                    phanio Pioneer
                    Actually - it is NOT two years. There is a lot of confusion regarding this. The company I helped thought it was one year and used that year to ensure that all their policies and practices were in place. In the mean time, they just solicited and filled non-medicare jobs. But, when the year was up and the agencies came and audited them for compliance, the auditor told us that it did not require a year's time. To this day I am still a bit confused about it all as I spend many hours on the phone and on the web gathering information on this process.

                    It has been a while so I am struggling to remember everything here. Your best bet would be to call the agency directly. Then work very hard on completing your package (all the policies and forms etc that they require). In putting your package together, use free sources like a SBDC - to find answer to questions that you have. Once it is completed - send it in - don't wait a year or two. This way, you will either be grated your license earlier - or be officially told how long you have to wait. But, I bet if you get it in as early as possible, you will get your license eariler.

                    The one thing that I remember this company having the most trouble with was employees. Employees not showing up or calling in. Even some supervisiors not going out on the initial sales call and assessing the needs of the customer before sending in a worker. Employees stealing from the customer. I guess I am just trying to say - really have great employee policies - stick to them - and make sure that each and every employee knows them inside and out - this will save you a lot of headache in the long-run.

                    Best of Luck to all of you
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                  stevepat Adventurer
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