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    $2 Billion Of Capital Available For Private Business Owners

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      Bridge Ventures has been retained by *Multiple Private Equity Groups *that are interested in investing in or acquiring successful privately owned businesses. Our clients have hired us to help them identify high quality companies for potential investment and have agreed to pay our fees throughout the process.


      If your business generates at least $5 million in revenues and is profitable, we would like to talk with you to see if this opportunity is right for you. All conversations are strictly confidential, you are under no obligation, and there is No Cost To You.


      We currently have nine "buyers" participating in our program consisting of public corporations, large private companies, and private equity groups. Combined, our clients have over $2 billion of capital ready to invest for the right opportunities.


      Because of the scope of our client base, a diverse range of options is often available to private business owners such as the complete sale of their company, minority and majority investments, recapitalizations, management buyouts, controlled succession planning, and capital infusions.


      With our program private business owners can explore their options yet, they pay no fees, are under no contract with Bridge, and do not disclose sensitive information or waste precious time with unqualified buyers."


      This is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs to create additional value both for themselves and their companies.


      If you have an interest, please contact me today.


      Greg Dupuis




      Bridge Ventures, LLC