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    Accounting Clients

    tempest Newbie
      I have been in the accounting field for many years and decided to open my own accounting business. I also became a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor because in our area that program is very popular. (I"ve used it for years myself). My problem is getting clients. It seems with all the software available that the only thing they call me for is to set up their Quickbooks and chart of accounts and thats it. They feel they are perfectly capable of handling things from that point. Of course, most of them can't handle all of the accounting for their business. My quetion is are there any other accountants running into this problem and how do you convince your clients that your accounting skills really are an asset to them.
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Have you thought about doing training for small businesses? Contact the local Chamber of Commerce and see what happens....maybe even an ad in a local business publication.
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            hightech Newbie
            I agree with domain. Also try getting a website if you don't and do some internet marketing for a target customer base. Conduct some seminars in Accounting. Most importantly join some Professional Accou ting groups where you earn the crebility to do more than just installation of Quick Books. Look into your clients needs and give some propasals for them to consider.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Tempest, I can understand where you are coming from.
              Years ago, I also opened and then later sold my accounting business.
              I now do consulting with Quickbooks. I teach small business owners how to use Quickbooks.
              Quickbooks is more like bookkeeping. You have to talk to the owners and get them to see
              the bigger picture. As an Accountant your services are more valuable.
              It is marketing and salesmanship. And yes it takes time.
              Where are you located??
              Good luck. LUCKIEST
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                  tempest Newbie
                  Thanks Luckiest. Your advice makes sense to me. Many businesses now want to do their 'bookkeeping' in house, so I think you are right that the better approach is to sell the set up and teaching the fundamentals and that could get my foot in the door, so to speak. That would also be a great opportunity to sell them on the importance of also having an accountant for many of the tasks that might be too demanding for many do it yourselfers.

                  Located in Florida
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                  WEBillions Adventurer
                  Maybe you can start a "Accounting is more than Quickbooks" campaign. Explain all the other things an accountant should be doing for a business owner, then casually mention that you are an accountant. :)
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    DDiva is dead-on with suggestions to provide training and to submit articles to local papers and business publications. Besides the CoC, try contacting the Continuing Education department of any community college or university in your area. They often sponsor low cost seminars on things like QuickBooks, and they'll do the marketing to get people to the class -- you don't get paid much to teach it, but you do get potential new clients as a captive audience.