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    I want to start a call centre in India (Delhi ncr)

    dishahr Newbie

      My name is Disha. I have been associated with the call centre industry for over 12 yrs. I have done sales, collections, customer service etc. i have worked as a Quality manager, team manger and an operations manager as well.

      I am currently into recruiting candidates for various call centres in Delhi ncr. Since I have excelled in quality, operations and now in HR, I am confident that it will be best If i start up my own thing. I am looking out for a UK based process that can be started with the help of 8-10 associates. I have the potential to ramp that up to a 30 seater in a span of 2 months and continue similar expansion.

      I am well aware of the difficulties that I foreign clients face in terms of quality and productivity as i have seen all of it happen and have been successful in tackling it. I want to know how can I get a process and rest I will manage.............

      I can be reached at

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          georgemon Newbie

          I am interested in starting a call center as well, i am based in texas...excuse my ignorance...what do you mean---'how can i get a process'...
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            andonit Newbie

            Sounds interesting..Can you provide more details, such as process etc. I am based in New Jersey.
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              vipinc Wayfarer
              Hi All

              My name is Vipin, I have been associated with call centre industry with over 12 years now. I have worked with Companies Like GE Capital for 10 years and around 2 years with American Express.

              What Disha means by saying "How can I get a process ?" is, how she can she get a business and transition the process from her UK based prospect client to India.

              Disha with the kind of expierence that you already have you should have already undergone a very important training which is for Transition a process. Which includes tool and skills reuired from a business development, Operations and Quality prespective.

              Also keep in mind the that getting the first business is the MOST important and DIFFICULT thing in any business after that you always have a customer who can talk about your work which get's you 50% of the deal. In you case you will have to create a neeed to the client as why should they allow the business come to your newly set up company which does not have processa the moment, and not to give to someone who has been doing it for years. Please don't restrict your thoughts around cost ponly..because that is something eveyone does..hence try to bit innovative.

              All the best !


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                LUCKIEST Guide
                I want to start a call centers in India

                Saturday Wall Street Journal (Apr 18) "Delta Air Ends Use of India Call Center"

                Chrysler also said it would move its customer service center back from India.

                "As layoffs mount in the U S, It would be a smart public relations move for companies to cut their outsourced business before eliminating payroll positions."

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