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    Need Investors to help start New LLC...10% ROI

    centralpork Newbie
      I am starting another farm. In order for this to work I need some investors. There are several different ways for people to invest in this New LLC. My start up cost and begining inventory is about 500000. I either need this funded or they could do the investing in the actual physical property of the farm which would be 1200000. I can swing one or the other but not both at the same time. I have figured the cash flows and upon starting this project will be able to sign into a longer term contract on sales to garauntee income levels. The 10% ROI per year I feel is very fair and would give me my initial lift off. If reading this sprouts any questions, please email me back.

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          phanio Pioneer
          Very interesting what you do centralpork. How long have you been in this business?

          If you have some experince and a track record - might want to try a SBA or USDA loan.

          I don't know of many investors in ag - might want to try locally and get other farmers/ranchers or at least others who would really understand what you are doing to invest. They would better understand your concept as well as market and maybe willing to do it for the 10%.

          Lastly, are their any ag banks in your area? Have you apprached them?

          Best of luck,

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