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    What do you like most about being your own boss?

    JavaJoe Wayfarer
      Still thinking about starting my own business and was wondering what people like most about being your own boss? I am working a 9-5 job right now, and always wanted to own my own business. Thinking about a few options right now, but slightly hesitant, as I'm not sure about taking on the risk, the possible headaches, etc. Can people weigh in?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I like not having to deal with psychopath-sociopath-serial-bully bosses that know nothing about the job or the people that work for them. That is my biggest motivator for not being employed by a company ever again. The crazies I meet consulting I can just add to my short list and not deal with them ever again.

          Being self employed means being accountable. You have to get out there and get the work and income to be able to make your bills. There are no free vacation days; there is no sick leave and you work harder than you have in your life because YOU have to make it one else does it for you.

          I have been on my own for 12 years...always made my bills...still working hard. Making it happen for me and the team!
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            BDS INC Adventurer
            I have to second a lot of what domaindiva put but the biggest thing for me is winning! What I mean by this is my company competes in the Charlotte metro area for short term rentals and relocations. A lot of my business comes from the large corporations here that hire talent from out of state and relocate them to Charlotte, they stay at my properties for a few months while looking for a home. I compete against 3 large national firms for business, sometime I win, sometimes I don't but I take so much pleasure in beating the big boys!
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              When I started my first company (almost 20 years ago), I was certain that I knew how to manage myself better than anyone else ever did. I was (and still am) extremely self-disciplined and results-driven when I'm the boss of me. Plus, my "internal clock" is out of sync with the way most businesses operate and the way most humans work -- I have always been able to function with high energy and steady performance for 30 hours or more without sleep, and without much more than a few short breaks. Aside from search-and-rescue missions way back when I was in the Coast Guard, I never found a real job that demanded or supported the kind of work pattern that suits me best. Self-employment allowed me to work hard when I knew I'd be productive, and to goof off when I knew I wouldn't -- regardless of what day or time it was or how long I'd been doing either.

              The following may sound like something cheesy out of a self-help book, but when I made the leap, I KNEW it was time. There's no way that I could have NOT done it, and still lived with myself. That's not to say I was fearless. I was plenty afraid, but I believed in myself and my idea so strongly that I was willing to risk everything I had on it. I also felt that the passage of time would only make me less willing or able to take those risks -- so it was "now or never." If you don't feel that same sense of passion and urgency, perhaps there is more you need to learn about the business you are considering -- or about yourself. Keep thinking and learning, and when you're ready, you'll know it.

              To address your comment about all the "headaches, etc." -- yes, business ownership presents unique challenges and requires you develop skills that are far beyond those you need as an employee (or even as a manager in someone else's company). It's surprising how many people associate "being your own boss" with a life of leisure. You'll work harder as a business owner than anyone else you know. You'll never stop learning and trying to improve. You'll never feel totally secure. You'll love every minute of it (I hope!). All the best to you.
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                mpoweringu Wayfarer
                Honestly, I could probably right a book about what I like most about being my own boss. A lot of good points have been made here that I absolutely agree with (especially with DomainDiva's answer!)

                For me though, it is doing what I love every day and letting my passions be my guide!

                I love small business! I have worked in the small business arena for almost my entire career (only 2 years "corporate" experience... never again!) I get to spend every day helping another small business owner make decisions that can change their business forever (and hopefully in a good way!) I get to empower them with the knowledge and skills that I have gained through years of experience and knowledge acquired along the way.

                Basically, I get to make other individual entrepreneur's dreams a reality!

                That's what makes me happy! And guess what, as my own boss, I get to do that! I get to choose who I want to help and how I can help them. Working for someone else, they get to choose, and their morals and values may not be the same as yours! That gets you into a lot of situations you definitely do not care to be in, even if it is for a decent price!
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  What do I like most about being my own boss. EVERYTHING.
                  When I first started my own business, I would start working when the children left for school.
                  No commuting, No traffic jams, No dress codes.
                  Stop when they came home from school, be with them and watched them grow up.
                  Yes there were times I went back to work after they went to sleep.
                  The income was mine. The harder or smarter I worked, the more income.
                  I play tennis. You want to play at 8 AM O K, You want to play at 4 P M O K
                  Did not have to worry about competition with others in the office. No worry about down sizing or being fired.
                  The faster you decide to go on your own, the longer you will benefit.
                  Write a BUSINESS PLAN and implement it.
                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    idealtech Newbie
                    Making my own hours (after 5 years) and not having to deal with all the office drama. I don't think I could ever go back to the 9 to 5. I miss working the hours though, owning your own company is very stressful and time consuming (how about 12 and 14 hour days at the beginning)...but rewarding. Make sure whatever you do you are passionate about. One other big one that I've learned from "not so successful companies" don't go into huge amounts of debt.
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                      JavaJoe Wayfarer
                      Thanks for everyone's honest response! A lot of work, but a lot of reward.
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                        WEBillions Adventurer
                        So, I'm currently employed AND self-employed, meaning I work way too hard! But, I love it anyway. I come home from a long day of answering to the boss and then get to be one for the evening. I like to think that I'm a much better boss, much like mothers often hope they are better than their mother.

                        My favorite part is getting to set my own schedule. Sure, some things have to be done right away, but if I am having a crappy day I'll do one of my many tasks that I enjoy and save the others for later. Or, I'll just delegate unwanted tasks to other people. That's always nice.

                        Make sure you are passionate about the business you start and it will rarely seem like real work. However, if you aren't passionate about it, it will be even worse than your current job and you likely won't make any money. :P
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                          puzzleman Tracker
                          After being laid of several times because of "bad business decisions", I like being able to not being laid off again.

                          Though I do work more hours than ever before, I LOVE IT!!

                          I like being responsible for my own future, not dependent on the sales department to get out and make sales or not. If sales are not where they should be, it is my responsibility to get them back where they need to be.

                          When you do go into business for yourself, make sure it is something that you love to do. You will be working and worrying more than ever about it. HAVE FUN!!!
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                            NatOnline Tracker
                            In business for more than 7 years in US and 1 in my country, I found that my skill and knowledges took off like a sky rocket.

                            I am working 7 days a week more than 10 hours per day, no vacation since 5 years and enjoy to be owner, yes I love to work more for my businesses. It is passion, work, challenge, and honor to create that with my wife.
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                              tigerente Wayfarer

                              It seems sometimes that my clients are my boss, but it is still so much better than working in a corporate environment. I get to see my hard work earn me money. Not somebody else. I can make my own schedule and am never called in on my day off because of somebody else's mistake. Extra work means extra pay, not more headaches and more work for nothing.
                              Of course there is no sick pay or vacation pay, but fortunantly my husband works at a university so he gets benefits and vacation pay so it kind of balances out.
                              I work less hours now for more money than I did before. But I never had a really good job before I started my business. Just low paying retail, grunt work type of stuff.
                              I love it and would never go back to working for someone else!
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                                BLJRECEO Newbie
                                I'm in the process of building up my own business right now. The past 3 or 4 months have been pretty nerve-wrecking but exciting at the same time. My biggest advice is research and plan. I spent the last year and a half researching and planning before I actually started it. It's going along pretty well though. You just have to have patience though... "Rome wasn't built in a day."
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                                  WinnSom Wayfarer
                                  I am proud of you guys for how far you've reached in your game. I do hope some day I an proudly say the same things that you guys have posted on here. I do the 9-5 in the corporate world and it's really not fun. If you do have a business page on FB please like WinnSom and will do appreciate your business some day or don't forget to add me to your network. It will be nice to have a mentor too. Cheers
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                                    BFS2000 Wayfarer
                                    Making my own rules and going at my own pace and also the financial rewards.