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    Cool new Web resource for start-ups - any more out there?

    Volman30 Newbie
      I think everybody has probably heard about Start-Up Nation ( by now, but I just came across another pretty cool site that's been very helpful in my quest to get my new consulting business launched. I would definitely recommend checking out - it has a lot of articles (particularily on financial management, but also on other topics) as well as financial templates, videos, recorded webinars, etc. Just though you may find these 2 useful, particularily if you haven't run into them before. Of course, the best part is they're both free (lol).

      Can anyone recommend other great resource sites that have been helpful to you in starting your business? There are some helpful things on this one, but it's definitely more related to banking (well, duh - BoA and all). Although, the forum area is great - lots of good info in here, too.