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    How do I promote my Online Tutoring Company & get students?

    onlinementor Newbie

      This is Saurrish Ghosh from India. I am an entrepreneur, currently working as a Math Online tutor catering to
      the educational needs of the students in The United State of America.

      I plan to start up my own Online Tutoring Company with only one vision in mind : Setting completely
      different standards of Quality Training and exceptional Customer Service.

      However, the only problem that I face now is funding. I have the knowledge, expertise, technical back up and
      most imporatantly good Communication skills. Since, I have no funding opportunities, hence, I could not
      advertise my services and cannot attract any student.

      The other constraint being I live in India and my focus of work in USA. I found this online community which
      I think might be of some help to me setting up this Online Tutoring Business.

      I am even ready to share my revenue model with the person who can give me fruitful inputs and some
      good tips regarding marketing and promoting my business and as a result, attract and get students.

      I look forward to getting any plan, idea, information that you think might be of any use to me.

      My contact email address is : maradona100@rediffmail. com and

      Thanking you all in anticipation,
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          vistasad Adventurer
          I am not in online tutoring but know quite a bit about people who from India have started on their own.

          Erect briefs about yourself in the free area of a website like angelfire etc. or start your own blogspot.
          Prepare a nice write up about yourself to be sent by e-mail.

          Offer a really cheap deal for say the first 4 weeks and even after that take less than what tutorvista and others are charging. Be prepared to make a name for yourself in the first year of operations. Those students are going to get you referrals.

          Now to get students I suppose you have a few phone numbers in the US. Use SKYPE to call them up to cut costs. Have a friend who is good at sales talk do the initial talking. Plonk the value proposition right then.

          Other strategies would be to go to in which you have students in other parts of the world like Dubai, Thailand etc but are the offspring of parents from UK, US etc and need tuitions. (Be careful contries like Thailand have enough teachers nt so Egypt).

          In the medium term you should look at starting online classrooms and specialising in something like SAT II etc.

          I didn't reallly understand your talk about funding. Are you planning to hire 25 tutors or what? If not and it is a stand alone project you will need a computer (Rs 20000) digital pad, camera, headset etc (Rs 6000) Internet Connection (Rs 2000 one time + Rs 2000 p.m.) Work from home in a quiet room.

          I am quite sure you can raise this money in India.


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              onlinementor Newbie
              Hi vistasad,

              Let me start by saying thank you for your time in replying to my post in a detailed way. I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart. However, I would like to throw some light on few points that you discussed in your talk.

              Following are the few points:

              1. I have a good writeup and even can prepare a better one, if need be. However, I do not have any contacts
              in the US to whom I would send my writeup through email.

              2. I have already worked with TutorVista and 1to1tutor for more than 2 years and know exactly how they
              work.I would not only provide a better pricing but also give them excellent customer service. I would
              treat every student in a special manner.

              3. Its true that if I can give good service to my students, they would bring referrals and I am sure that it
              would happen. However, at first I need atleast a few students to start with. I do not have any now.

              4. I have a Skype ID (saurrish.ghosh) and also uses it daily. However, I do not have any phone numbers
              as I have already mentioned before to call. I can only offer my services or call if I have few good leads
              which I do not have at the moment.

              5. I can extend my services to the countries in the Middle East too, provided I get some support from
              anyone there who would be willing to get into a tie up or any kind of association with me. I also welcome
              any good proposal for a Business Partner.

              6. Let me also tell you that I specialize in Training SAT I and SAT II (Math Section).

              7. Now, coming to the most important point and that is funding. The figures that you have mentioned in
              your mail is a bit on higher side. I can get it even cheaper in India. But, since I am an Online Tutor I
              already have few things like Computer, Broadband Connection, Headphone. I do not have Digital Pen
              and Pad.

              8. The amount you have mentioned might be a small amount for you. However, its true that it is indeed a
              big ask for me, since I really do not have any funding options and cannot even gather Rs. 5000/-.

              9. The other things that I certainly need to have in order to start my Online Tutoring Business are:
              my own website which would contain Payment gateway which would enable parents to pay the fees,
              Technology like the whiteboard etc, atleast some money to buy skype credit to make phone calls in
              the US, and most importantly few contacts who can be my clients to start with.

              10. Its true that I would not hire 25 tutors (as you said) for that matter even (3 tutors). However, I need
              some financial help in order to acquire the above mentioned items.

              Please let me know if you can help me in any way possible or would be interested to associate with me
              in any form. I am open to any kind of suitable tie up.

              My email address is : and

              My Skype ID : saurrish.ghosh

              I am from Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

              My contact number is: 9874544256.

              I look forward to hearing from you soon.


              Saurrish Ghosh
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              ThemedSEO Wayfarer
              hi Saurrish Ghosh,

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                  onlinementor Newbie

                  Let me start by saying Thank you for all your time and effort in replying to my post.

                  However, to be very honest your write up is not very clear to me in regards the content. I would really
                  appreciate if I can have a telephonic conversation with you atleast once.

                  I have a Skype account. Skype ID: saurrish.ghosh

                  My contact number is : 91-9874544256

                  My email ID : and

                  Please let me know if you can have a conversation with me.

                  I look forward to hearing from you soon.