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    golfheaven Adventurer
      Hi all we have just launched our site I would like any all comments good or bad on site. We will be adding more features as we go forward but we would like opinions on overall view.


      Thank you
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          stevepat Adventurer
          Hey Golf Haven,

          Site looks really cool.... I liked the Flash thing. Flash designer has done fare enough job. But .......I want know reason for developing this website. I felt this website must help you driving customers.But this is not possible as its complete flash site its really difficult to do so. So I suggest you need to look for booth user perspective as well as Search engines perspective.

          I suggest you need to minimize the flash or give this site to one of good SEO or Web expert.

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              Iwrite Pioneer
              Interesting premise.

              So, you are saying because it is mainly Flash customers can't be interested or know about the site? But aren't there other factors to consider beyond Flash and SEO that can impact the amount of customers who come to the site? What about the business' off-line marketing effort?

              Looking at just a site as a marketing tool is a serious mistake. The marketing effort has to take into consideration a variety of things. You have to first look at the business, is it selling things online or driving customers to a location? Is there a single location or multiple locations? Is the business itself something new that needs to be introduced and explained?

              The concept of Golf Heaven is fairly new to the target audience. The location is a single unit for now, so there are geographical limitations to how far it should reach out for customers. There is very little is any e-commerce tied to what the business provides right now. The site is not the final destination for the user, the location is. The majority of the customers are going to come from off-line efforts because of the uniqueness of the idea.

              Knowing this, the website does not need to do the heavy lifting. It needs to entice and encourage visits. This is part of the branding effort. Most people of the people coming to the site are coming for more information, they have the web address from the off-line marketing. Yes, SEO will bring in a few more visitors but the experience is what is being sold here. And building to accommodate SEO detracts from the experience.

              This is not to say, I don't think the site can be improved and changed but in the Youtube, Myspace and Facebook world, with streaming video, tv show and movies available online to say that flash impedes visits seems odd. The average computer and phone lets you handle Flash with no problem. People are expecting more video and motion, not less.
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                golfheaven Adventurer
                Thank You:

                I appreciate your view. As i go forward with site i will be adding more content and video which will define us better.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  The idea of the website is 'golf heaven'. What is being done here is the creation of a visual environment that 'golfers understand'. This webiste while not complete, is well on its' way to communicating to the golfing community what the product offering is.

                  A brand is being built here. It is not just about SEO, the user perspective of this website is covered very well. Golfers are VISUAL people....they go to golfheaven when they see pictures of these gorgeous golf courses.

                  As the brand matures in its' vision and communication to the targeted group, the SEO will be defined. Build the brand then build the SEO.

                  (good grief)
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                      golfheaven Adventurer

                      Thank you so very much.

                      The visual environment hit on the head. I am learning to crawl then walk,run and hopefully marathon. Maturity comes with age. I have just recieved our server today. Now the fun begins.

                      IWRITE and myself will collaborate after the holiday on proper content and look. I had to launch for my own sake for i was chomping at the bit with summer camps around the corner.
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                          DomainDiva Ranger
                          IWrite is incredible! He worked with our designer/visual communication guru Jim, he rewrote the business plan, did the brochure, helped with our AMaNDA logo. Give him as much room as he needs you will be better off for it!

                          FYI Be sure YOU are the one who has control of all the content. Web coders are great coders but they know nothing (to paraphrase Jim Cramer) about visual communication. IWrite will point you in the right direction...good luck. (I check the website each day...just to look at the content. I do not live in Atlanta or play golf but I am ready to sign up...yeah it's that good....)

                          SEO? A business has to have a brand to SEO if they are going to SEO. Thats what make me so mad about these total internet types, they forget the user has five senses. Your website does a good job at touching those senses. Again, great job man.