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    liquid gold

    noproblem12 Newbie
      Hello investors,

      I write for help in further financing my business in renewable energy,
      this liquid I speak about is jatropha oil, which is used to produce diesel fuel.
      This oil, is a closed cycle renewable fuel, meaning unlike petroleum extracted from the earth,
      this fuel is infinite only to our ability to advance its technology.
      With the many studies made by various agencies and public bodies,
      this biofuel is a future not a short term investment.
      Having studied this biofuel years ago and continue to do so, i see the problem in this biofuel industry,
      and i have created a solution, i have a business plan and is looking to gap the 480000 i need to fully fund the business.
      I am ready to construct prototypes and implement action not research,
      for anyone who is interested, my business will offer 4.16% annual interest on the investment,
      i expect and my conservative practices, will led this business to outperform the market and set a new standard.

      This venture will be run in sunny california, contact me at
      213 308 1804 after 1:00 PM PST please
      Thanks to everyone for there time.
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          phanio Pioneer
          Bio fuels is a growing market - not only is it sustainable but is much better for the environment then fossil based fuels.

          Some suggestions:

          1) Have you talked with your local and state governments. They have money (economic development) to fund projects and businesses like your. Start with your chamber of commerce and being asking them about financing program for green businesses.

          2) For investors or lenders - 4.16% is just way to low. In this market - given the scarcity of money - interest rates and expected returns are three or four times that. Additioanlly, given that an investor would take most of the financial risk - they would seek a much higher return.

          If you still want to pursue investors - re-work your numbers and offer a much higher return (between 20% to 30%) for investors (can be in the form of equity) - for lenders shoot for annnual returns around 12% to 18%.

          Best of Luck - We need many more bio fuels companies in this nation - the more we get, the more that will be available for us at the pump - thus, we can drive down prices through competition as well as improve our planet.

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            noproblem12 Newbie
            This is great advice, thank you for your reply.

            I have visited a Rural Development office and spoke with a representative there who directed me to the Area Director.
            There was no answer, but I did leave a message, I hope I could get a call back.
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                phanio Pioneer
                Here is a great lesson in business - don't wait for them to call you - you continue to call them or you go down there personally and demand to be seen. Remember, the squeeky wheel gets the grease. If you really want something - you really have to go after it.

                You should also be able to find (online or otherwise) other companies that have recieved rural development grants or loans. Contact these companies and see how they got in the door.

                You might also look to see who sits on the board or oversees your rural development office - contact them and see if they can move things along.

                Best of luck

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