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    Radio Advertising

    ActigenQueen Newbie
      Looking for an agent to help me with radio advertising? My web site is and I currently advertise on small stations trying to find a syndicated station that might sponor us? Any suggestions?

      Thank you Teresa
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          vistasad Adventurer
          I feel a little stupid writing tis. I think you should try the various small stations themselves. They must be receiving syndicated advertisements. Try others who advertise on these stations.
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            I'm not sure what you are asking for. Most stations are not in the business of sponsoring a businesses or even partnering with one. It may appear like they are but it is usually a paid partnership on the part of the company.

            What are you trying to do? We need more information about what you are looking to do.
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              SEMWarrior Wayfarer
              The only way you're going to get a radio sponsor is set up and event that they can host with you. Then, they have an opportunity to network through your event.

              It must be win-win for them.
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                  The best to advertise with radio station is to start small with your local stations.

                  If you have something worth to report, they will report that for you for FREE. First of all, don't make the first contact too much about your business. Local radio station is very much about local community. Make your business approach useful to the local community.

                  Most local station want unique news that can make their station different and stand out from other competition. Create something that is useful to their listeners will get you a free radio advertisement.