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    2 Thumbs Up Rip-off Report Investigation of AmeriPlan®

    Ameripla_IBO Newbie
      AmeriPlan® Corporation approached Rip-Off
      Report several months ago with the express purpose of resolving
      consumer concerns posted on Rip-off Report. After a recent mailing to
      everyone who filed a Rip-off Report, it became apparent that AmeriPlan
      has a sincere commitment from its Founders to remedy any and all
      customer concerns. AmeriPlan®

      “A senior member of the corporate staff has
      been given the responsibility of overseeing that these complaints and
      issues will no longer occur", said Dennis Bloom, Co-Founder Chairman
      and CEO of AmeriPlan®. “Whatever has to be done will be done to assure
      customer satisfaction", he stated. AmeriPlan® executives explained to
      Rip-off Report that with 50,000 plus representatives in the field it is
      sometimes difficult to assure adherence to corporate policy and
      procedure, but steps have been put in place to improve this compliance
      issue, including termination of violators. They also stated
      'Satisfaction of our customers and adherence to the standards
      established by the Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Program is now a
      critical part of the AmeriPlan® culture. Enhanced customer service
      training and the strengthening of corporate policies and procedures
      were implemented as part of this program'

      AmeriPlan® is very
      proud of the fact that with the number of representatives that it has
      in the field and the millions of members that it serves with its
      excellent discount health programs, the number of complaints is
      insignificant compared to the number of totally satisfied
      representatives and members. Nonetheless, all complaints are being
      taken seriously and the company is committed to a policy that seeks to
      have zero complaints and to have 100% satisfaction in the event that
      there is a complaint. “The largest and most important department within
      the company is Customer Service and that is because of our commitment
      to Customer service excellence", says Bloom.


      AmeriPlan® would have never made these changes if they did not first recognize and
      admit they needed to make changes. I have always said that all
      companies can improve in some way if they really want to. If that does
      not occur then the company stagnates and will ultimately fail. That is
      not the case here. The company continues to demonstrate its dedication
      to resolve any miscommunications and safeguards against similar issues
      in the future.

      Rip-off Report gives AmeriPlan a positive rating
      because the company restated its commitment to Customer Service and
      complete satisfaction. It has also been very strong in cooperation with
      Rip-off Report to adhere to the values and standards that have been
      established for the protection of the consumer. I have always said that
      all companies can improve in some way. If that does not occur then the
      company stagnates and will ultimately fail. That is not the case here.
      The company continues to demonstrate its dedication to resolve any
      disputed matters / misunderstandings and safeguards against similar
      issues in the future.

      AmeriPlan will not allow a legitimate
      complaint to go unresolved. They are dedicated ' satisfy their
      customers no matter what it takes.'

      In the name of good
      customer service, you have a company ready to assist (within reason)
      those who need more assistance and to make it right if things seem to
      have fallen apart for their clients. The new commitment to customer
      service appears to more than satisfy these needs.

      Rip-off Report
      knows, there is no company or individual that is perfect - AmeriPlan®
      knows this also and demonstrates their need for continuing improvement
      • that is why Rip-off Report feels you can be completely confident,
      safe and secure when doing business with them as they are a member of
      Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation & Customer
      Satisfaction Program.AmeriPlan®

      a part of the Corporate Advocacy Program - Rip-off Report did an
      emailing to all those clients that filed a Rip-off Report, and I would
      now like to share the results with you. The following results are
      exactly like other results we received with other CAP members. The only
      difference here was, no one called us and cursed at us. Yes, that
      really happens.. Most said they appreciated our efforts and related
      that they had already been taken care of and were now satisfied.
      Everyone was surprised by our email to them, many said their complaint
      was premature and as usual, some felt guilty. Rip-off Report feels AmeriPlan® has learned from all those who have complained .. and they
      even seemed to be thankful for those who have complained. One executive
      agreed with the many other CAP members that have stated in the past,
      'because of the Corporate Advocacy Program, they will have a better and
      more successful business by assuring their customers of complete

      Keep in mind, AmeriPlan® has millions of satisfied
      members and thousands of successful representatives (Independent
      Business Owners – IBO), more than 50 customer service representatives
      and a professional support staff. They have been listed at the top of
      the search engines on Rip-off Report - Rip-off Report feels the amount
      of Reports AmeriPlan® has is just a very small fraction of their clients
      , but executives feel that they did not want any unsatisfied customers
      and wanted to make things right. Even if they did not have the vast
      negative exposure on the Internet, executives reported they just would
      not feel right knowing there was even one dissatisfied client.

      Rip- off Report does not endorse any company, including AmeriPlan®,
      overall, our research demonstrated to us that AmeriPlan® is a solid,
      reliable company, that while not perfect, stands behind its service.

      companies that contact Rip-off Report make claims that the Reports
      about them are false or were filed by the same person or even a
      competitor. Yes, Rip-off Report knows this can happen from time to
      time; however, we know this is not true most of the time. From federal
      to local law enforcement agencies, most use Rip-off Report regularly.
      When Rip-off Report works with law enforcement to assist consumers,
      never once have we heard from any agency that the Reports filed had
      bogus contact information. These agencies include FBI, FTC, Homeland
      Security, US Postal Inspectors, Justice Department, IRS, Federal
      Prosecutors and local law enforcement, to name just a few.

      Report does not solicit its Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation
      & Customer Satisfaction Program. Any participation in this program
      is completely voluntary and at the request of the program member.

      program requires the Member Business to agree to satisfy all complaints
      • past, present and in the future, even when those complaints come to
      us by e-mail.

      The Member Business must also state improvements
      they are willing to make to their business which benefits the customer
      to avoid the reported problems from happening again in the future.

      contacting the following e-mail address will get immediate attention.
      (within 48 hours) We ask that you contact AmeriPlan® Customer Service:
      at customer

      AmeriPlan® provides free healthcare programs for your entire
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      flexible hours, and outstanding tax deductions.

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