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    Penny wise… Pound foolish

    DataProtect Wayfarer
      Hello again,

      During conversations over the past few weeks I've seen an interesting pattern develop regarding the cost of baking up your data.

      Many people assert that the price of backing up data securely and off-site is too high, but the reality may surprise you.

      As an example, baking up your Quickbooks file, some important
      spreadsheets and documents, and maybe an Outlook PST file could be
      backed up in about 4 GB's worth of space. This (at will cost about $40 per month - $480 per year.

      Think about the cost of trying to recover your information from a
      crashed hard drive... these services can run into thousands of dollars
      with no guarantee of success.

      Now consider the cost of external hard drives for backup. These are
      relatively inexpensive - you can pick up a 250GB backup drive for
      around $150. But the problem here is that the drive is sitting right
      next to the data that you're protecting. A bad move if you want to be
      able to recover after a problem like flood, fire or any other
      environmental problem.

      There are even some backup services that charge you some minimal
      amount per year, but these are consumer services that frankly don't cut
      it for your business. These services only keep one copy of your
      files. Meaning that if you need to recover a specific version (maybe
      one that has not been damaged by a virus) you're out of luck.

      You can choose a combination of the above mentioned services, but
      then you're adding complexity that will come back to haunt you when you
      need to recover some data.

      Take a look at the feature matrix and I think you'll see that your choice is clear.

      \\NDPDrive RecoveryExternal DriveCombo Strategy
      Immediate recoveryYesNoYesMaybe
      Go back to another versionYesNoMaybeMaybe
      Data is secureYesNoProbably notProbably not
      Privacy regulation complianceYesNoNoNo

      National Data Protect is flexible, reasonably prices and feature rich. I hope you consider it.

      All my best,