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    Sales Exec, Manager, or Outsource WANTED for GREEN building

    GreenBuilding Newbie

      We need assistance in the Chicago area with contacting building owners and municipalities in regard to energy efficiency and other green building improvements. Our company, SkySite Property llc, provides energy audits and implements the necessary improvements to generate significant energy savings with incredible ROI.


      With all the Stimulus money coming in and other great incentives available, we are looking at a tremendous demand for what our company has been doing for the past 3 years. This is a historic moment in the green building industry where much business can be generated in a short period of time. And we need help reaching out to the many different prospects in the commercial and public building markets. We are focused foremost in the Chicago area, but do plan on expanding into other major cities ASAP. Atlanta, Orlando and Dallas are other geographic areas of interest, as well as the New York and California markets overall.


      Please contact me directly if you yourself are a professional sales executive or manager, or know of a sales force that can add our offerings to their plate. Ideally, we are looking for performance based outsourcing entities that can partner with us and expand across the county. All other suggestions are welcomed.



      Thank you


      Jeff Grossberg


      SkySite Property, llc


      800 West Huron, Suite 4E


      Chicago, IL 60622


      312.335.9000 phone


      312.335.8412 fax


      312.953.8728 cell