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    what kind of advertising works best for the money

    sw tile Newbie
      i own southwest tile company .i use to advertise in the yellow pages,but since 911 it don't seem to bring in the business it use to.i tried some online advertising. but it don't seem to work either.any suggestions?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          It looks like (from your website) that you're selling products and services directly to homeowners (as opposed to builders). You're in a very competitive business with two tiers - (1) large stores that can afford blitz ads on television and in newspapers, and (2) everybody else. Assuming that you're part of "everybody else," it's essential to have a good website and a printed catalog sheet or brochure. Look at what's included on the websites of other competitors in your area -- the date they were established, the name and qualifications of the key person or people, license/insurance/bonding information, and before/after photos of their installation work. Not having any of this suggests that you don't really have any experience (and too many people have learned too many hard lessons with unqualified and unprofessional home remodeling firms).

          Once you get your website updated and have a printed catalog sheet or brochure with the same info, you might target three groups - home sellers, home buyers, and real estate agents.

          Home sellers may need your products/services for affordable home "makeovers" to maximize their selling price and profits. This group is easy to find ("For Sale"signs are a dead giveaway). Take or mail your brochure to the seller's home, and follow up by giving the home seller specific examples of how much various remodeling jobs (new bathroom floor, new kitchen countertops, etc.) could increase the selling price of the home.

          Home buyers may love the house that they're purchasing (obviously), but there is probably still an ugly floor, countertop, or tub they'd like to change. If the home seller didn't hire you to redo it, maybe the buyer will. Follow up with them after you see a home placed under contract or sold.

          Real estate agents may also help. I know an owner of a window replacement company who went to open houses every weekend to meet real estate agents. When he thought he'd met one with whom he could build a working relationship, he'd write a proposal for replacing the windows on the house being shown and leave it with the agent. Sometimes the agent would pass it along to the seller with a recommendation to proceed with the work, and sometimes not - but he made repeated contacts with the same agents and eventually began to get jobs and referrals through them. This could work the same way for you.

          Best of luck!
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            score81 Adventurer

            Following are possible suggestions:

            1. Send special sales mail to all home owner just applied for new permits( City provide this info)
            2. Send fax to all contractor working in your city.
            3. Monthly email to all the realtor in your area of service.
            4. Call all the developer working in your area and make presntation about your tiles.
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              Buffalo Adventurer
              Have you called on local interior designs? They are in an excellent position to use your products.
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                CarlOrf00 Newbie
                I like what Lighthouse said. But don't spend any money. Use SEO/Social Media and PR. End of story.

                You'll want to provide massive value to your target customers and then become their resource. Give them something, a taste of what's to come just for coming to your site and/or taking your call.

                However you do it. Be the resource.
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                  caseydawes Newbie

                  There are many different ways of "getting the word out" and advertising is probably the least effective of them.

                  Who is your target customer? Where do they hang out and how do they make purchasing decisions? Call up your best customers and ask them how they start looking for a new service or product for their home.

                  Networking is an excellent way to start building word of mouth referrals, which is really the cheapest way to get people aware of who you are and what you do. Consider groups like e-women network (they take men, too), or leads groups like BNI.

                  I feel that your website needs some work -- it isn't consistent and the all caps pages are difficult. I'm also confused about your location.Where are you? You want to be on the first page, if not the first 3, on google for people who are searching for "tile" in wherever you are located. Over 50 percent of people start their search for products and services on the Internet, so you want your Internet "presence" to be top-notch.

                  Can you work with business affiliates such as contractors? Home remodelers seem like a natural fit.


                  Do you have a marketing plan for 2008? This includes information such as customer demographics, where they heard about you, customer testamonials, what media brought you the biggest payback in 2007, etc.


                  Good luck with your business!