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    opening doors

    xmufflerman Newbie
      I have recently survived parting ways (semi-friendly) with a huge franchise
      that I have been a puppet for for several years. I am the only local in the
      intire 150 plus dealership. In these past several years I have created a huge
      clientel and one hell of a crew.Both are following. I have made an incredible
      purchase on one of the largest dealership in our county. Centrally located on
      our bussiest intersection of two major highways. Absolutely gorgeous.It's
      been my dream to have this location since I was a kid. I have the support
      of all the local parts distributors and locally related shops.30 year plus vets.
      Most doors in this venture have been swung wide open for me but some have
      been slammed in my face due to my financial status.(I'm broke) New equipment
      is my biggest issue. The location speaks for itself, and with the repor I have with
      the community and the well known Technicians I employ, It would be un-stopable.
      The other repair facilitys that know our reputation have already began to contact me
      out of shear fear that we have moved so close, I am in dire need of a small helping
      hand. May I mention, my previous location was #1 in Forida and #2 out of all 150!