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      What You Can Promote
      Your ultimate goal is to drive "qualified" traffic to your store. The secret to good promotion is that you always have to directly promote your store to get the desired results. Essentially, there are four topics that you can use to obtain free media coverage for your site:
      1. Events . Announcing an event, such as a special sale or the debut of a new product, can generate some news.
      2. Products . You can discuss a specific product; for example, you could release a story on how to use a new type of sports equipment.
      3. The sto re itse lf. You can promote a general story about your store and its basic theme, or a specific listing for the store in a buyer's guide.
      4. Yourse lf. As a storeowner, you might have a unique viewpoint or knowledge worth promoting or being interviewed about.
      Within each of these areas, you can work any number of angles and outlets. We'll cover more about these as we move through the sections that follow.
      Promot ion = Publicity
      It is important to understand how promotion achieves publicity, and how publicity achieves sales, because it can influence what types of promotion efforts you undertake.
      Publicity provides an opportunity for a third party (such as a newspaper or another Web