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    A Business Social Network ... ...

    hwenli Newbie
      Hi, all,

      There is a website for business community, called, it is very cool.

      You can post, buy, sell or even market your business.

      Check it out yourself. Check the Tutorial, and there is a video, which will walk you thru the main functions.



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          DomainDiva Ranger
          I do not understand the logo, it seems more designed towards the floral industry and not business networking. Also, members need to put their pictures on the website. I noticed that a few have done that but most have not.

          What kind of of contacts do you have for venture capital? Venture capitalists DO NOT link in to business social networks, they have people that TROLL the business boards, so are you depending on the trolling to get VC money for your members? Please explain how this works...are you hooked in with some big hitters like or Kleiner-Perkins?

          The site is confusing. I don't get the 'fun' part. Business is hard work, fun is what you have after you make money.
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            MMMThree Newbie
            Hi - I like the site even though it is a bit confussing - I think I understand what you are trying to do and I think it is a great idea. Keep it working at it.