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    Drive Your Sales with Direct Print Marketing.

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      Fellow Small Business Owners,

      Do NOT leave your profits up to chance. You can dictate your sales by streamlining your customers' buying process. You goal in this endeavor is to make the transition from each step in the buying process as easy and painless as possible. If you can establish credibility and professionalism with your marketing, you will find that firmly guiding your customers to the sale is not difficult.

      The buying process is made up of six steps:

      1. Seeing a need
      2. Looking for a solution
      3. Determining the value of a solution
      4. Making the decision to buy
      5. Making the purchase
      6. Evaluating the purchase

      You now must understand that there are four kinds of shoppers:

      1. Those that don't know they have a problem or need
      2. Those that don't know what kind of solution they need
      3. Those that are looking for the best solution available
      4. Those that are looking for the business to provide their solution

      Now you must understand the overall sales process:

      1. Find your target customers
      2. Appeal to a need or show a need that your customers want a solution for
      3. Make a promise regarding what you can do for them
      4. SHOW your solution in action & establish credibility
      5. Call on your customers to act right away on their conviction in your product

      Now you understand the general theory of the types of shoppers, the buying process, and the sales process. It is your job to take a closer look at your business and your customers' buying process and figure out a way to streamline the entire process. If you do this correctly, you will be able to gentley but firmly tell your customers what to do and they will be happy to listen. Do NOT leave your potential customers to their own devices.

      Guide and Drive your sales!

      Dylan Hovet, marketer and copywriter
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