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    Internet Search for Business Enterprise

    DomainDiva Ranger

      The following quote is directly FROM THE WEBSITE:

      "Vivísimo was originally founded in 2000 by three Carnegie Mellon University scientists who decided to tackle the problem of information overload in web searches by developing new technology to organize unwieldy search results in a completely innovative way. They used a mathematical algorithm and deep linguistic knowledge to find relationships between search terms and bring them to light. Over the years, the company has built upon the original technology of document clustering with the same guiding principle of using technology to help users conquer information overload and harness the true power of search."

      The search engine can be acccessed directly at This new search engine developed by these scientists is callaed 'velocity enterprise search'.

      For businesses looking to find services and customers as well as competition, this site has proved to be invaluable to our business marketing/financing efforts. Check it out.
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          WEBillions Adventurer
          Wow, the image search on this search engine is great--a lot like Google's used to be before it got watered down with all of the descriptions of pictures.

          Can't see I like the search feature that if I search for "WEBillions" (I can't help it), then I get a bunch of results for "we_billions." So, if you are searching for anything that could be broken down into two words (but you don't want it to be), you might not want to use this site for that particular search.

          The perfect match feature is nice. When you search for something like an usual name and it only comes up with one "perfect match," it calls it just that.