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    Need help in marketing new business

    1border Newbie

      One Border Agency Specialize Legal, pefect solution for work industries how are looking hoghly productive workforce. H2a H2b visa free to new clients.


      How do I market this business? Looking for a sale team.


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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Perhaps if you identify your business in a clearer, more precise manner we can give you some feedback.
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            Ameriscape Newbie
            I am a (newly) single mother of two little ones. A General Contractor that was working with my brother until last week has agreed to work with me. I'll get him jobs and he'll give me a percentage.
            There are a lot of General Contractors out there, how should I market this business and succeed?
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Tell us MORE. Where are you located??.
              How long have you been in business??
              Are you looking for employees?? or freelance??
              Do you have a BUSINESS PLAN?? What are you Marketing??
              The more you share with us, the better our answers to you.
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                  Ameriscape Newbie

                  I am located in Orange County, CA. The Contractor prefers to work in San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange County.
                  My husband and I own Ameriscape Landscape. He did the work, I got the jobs and shuffled the papers. I sub-contracted out the work we were unable to do and got a 20% finders fee.
                  We are separated now, Ameriscape is nearly a thing of the past - AND I NEED MONEY!!!
                  The General Contractor I will be working with has a team of 6. His company name is Cali-Construction - they do all jobs, big & small. He does great work, however he's not good with people. That's where I come in - I am, and I'm THIRSTY!


                  I have basic questions:
                  1. Should I advertise his company he currently owns - phone line directly to me, and file a 1099?
                  2. Should I start a new "Ameriscape", the other was Ameriscape Landscaping, and have him do the work under his company? That way I am able to work with other Contractors who will also do the work under their own company (licensed, bonded & insured).
                  I know the name Ameriscape does a GREAT JOB selling itself.
                  I know that I can market Construction,Remodels or Repair of: floor installs, hardscape, fencing, walls, tiling, stucco, etc.
                  Any advice?
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                  WEBillions Adventurer
                  Do you have a website that clearly states how you can help your customers? A website is a great way to market your services, because it can do your sales work for you (even when you are asleep). Also, you can reach a larger area than you would be able to cover by advertising alone.

                  Posting in forums like this is a good start because you are likely to find some good salesmen or saleswomen.
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                      I agree, being a web based research company. I see the value of correctly positioning your business online everyday. It can be a relatively low cost way of increasing your exposure and reaching new markets.

                      I would base your site on the key principle of keeping it simple and clear in the message about what your business does.


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                      score81 Adventurer
                      You can market business in so many different ways. It all depend upon type of business and your goals. Some of the ways are as follows:
                      1. Newspaper
                      2. magazine
                      3. Through Chamber of Commerce
                      4. Trade Associations
                      5. Flyer
                      6. TV
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                        ziggy123 Newbie
                        Your Msg is not clear enough.

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                            1border Newbie
                            One Border Agency
                            3500 Oak Lawn Suite620
                            Dallas Texas 75219
                            214 634 2600
                            214 687 2410
                            One Border specialize in Legal Documented work force for US companys though out the united states. Labor pool is from Monterrey Mexico,recruiting office. We help them find jobs in US. Sponsor the employer is what I am Looking to market in the United States. Construction Landscaping roofing farming ranching market is karge seasonal or peak load.