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    How advertise a new cakes and dessert business

    Temptatious Newbie

      We recently opened a deliciuos cakes and dessert business in Doral, FL, people love our products, tasting, decorations and pricing, however was so difficult to start and we are needing a quick way on increasing sales, so we can afford operations and new developments. We already started giving samples away and we have a great flyer which sell by itself, however we don't have the enough resources to mass deliver it, what we are looking for is some way to target with an email all sorrounding areas employees and population by email, any ideas??


      Thank you so much


      Victor Pino

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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Go to it is the larget bridal website in the known ;) universe. This would be money well spent. Also you may want to make nice little fliers and leave them at bridal all means call all of the wedding planners in your area.

          If you don't have a way to distribute marketing material I would suggest that you do it yourself. Recruit all of your family members and some friends...give each one a stack and a target area with a list of businesses.

          If you do an email campaign I would suggest getting a designer to help you with it so you can send out a professional advertising piece. Prospective clients will ignore a plain old email.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            My daughter also opened a cake and dessert business in the northeast.
            She went through the same problems you are having.
            She got lucky, she found a reporter in the local newspaper to run a story
            about her, her cakes and a tie in a walk a thon that was going on.
            Come up with an usual marketing story. Raise money for a local sports team
            or a local school or breast cancer. Get a tie in and find a reporter.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                financlelite Newbie
                I agree with the newspaper article. We are a Advertising Speciality Item Company that got our local newspaper to do a story on us. We kept our eyes on the business section of the paper and noticed a reporter who was always writing about new businesses. We got her contact information, as well as the editors, and sent them an email. There is a quote "Get someone else to blow your horn and the sound will carry twice as far". Not only will you get your name out there it's also free adveritising.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Adding on to what LUCKIEST wrote, try contacting the hosts/producers of locally-broadcast early morning television shows. In the next two months, these shows will book dozens of business owners and other experts on topics of interest related to the holidays. Come up with something unique -- like an authentic traditional or ethnic Christmas dessert, a "themed" creation that would appeal to local viewers, or something for a specific market segment (for example, I love rich desserts, but have two friends who are diabetic -- if I saw you on TV with a beautiful and delicious dessert for them, I'd come to your shop for ALL my holiday sweets!).

                Also, you might contact the various private and public charitable organizations in your area that serve children. They are now in the process of arranging holiday parties and such that will draw tons of volunteers and lots of news coverage. Providing a free cake for such an event would put you, your product, and your flyers in front of many potential new customers -- plus it'd be something you could feel really good about.
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                  Wingman Adventurer

                  How close are you to schools in your area. I've decided to try and target some of my marketing dollars to the local schools. In particular, I've contacted the PTA groups from the local elementary schools and am working with them to offer a 10% discount to all PTA members during the 2007/2008 school year. All they need to do is show their PTA card when they come into my wings and pizza restaurant.

                  With cakes and desserts, you may be able to get some of their birthday party business. You may also want to try contacting any local childrens party locations to see if they want to work out a deal with you so you can supply cakes for their customers.
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                    WEBillions Adventurer
                    There are often services that will mass deliver your fliers for a small fee if you need help.