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    How can I make sales without paying Google so much money?

    Maggic70 Newbie
      Hi, Everyone, I hope someone out there can help me. I started an online retail business about 3 years ago. After being a stay at home mom for almost 6 years and knowing that the time was approaching for my oldest girl to go to college. I decided to start an online business. I launched my website, stocked the store with latest styles (women's lingerie) and it did pretty well for the first couple of years. I personally took the responsibility of adding links of my website in directories like dmoz and blogs. But it doesn't seem to be enough. I am paying google too much money I can't afford any longer. I feel that I am working for google. Everytime, I shut off adwords , the traffic diminishes. The minute I turn on my google ads, I start getting sales. I have put so much work, long hours into this project. It's not amazon or chanel but it's user friendly, secured, clear images and all that required for good e-commerce. Well, it turns out that I can't even pay for my daughter's college anymore, now I have a bigger debt in my hands. I just want to know how can I market my website more efficiently without depending on google so much? Is there any good, inexpensive SEO service out there? someone that will get me results. Some advice will help! My daughter is all set to start college in September and I am so hurt that I made a bigger mess in our lives with this business.I don't want to give up now. I am still hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you and have a nice day!
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          Vince Adventurer
          Welcome to the Community! Have you visited the articles section yet of the website? There's a lot written about search optimization Also, there have been a number of guests that have appeared on the site to talk about search, check this out: Event: Get Ready for the SBOC Search Marketing Expert Event!
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              chion302 Newbie
              Its simple to make sales without purchasing/paying for those ads but it takes plenty of research....I personally help people through my website to get free advertising and floods of traffic to their Business...The website lists only the best resources for Google,Ebay,Classifieds and more....Some sites let you place ads that run up to 360 days free...visit the site...what you need is there
              I can also place a link for you on my site....lets do the link exchange if you are interested.
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                  vnavguys Tracker
                  Well I hate to rain on anyones parade but you have to do some serious research when it comes to link exchanges. Most people have absolutly no idea how it is viewed by Google but they dive in anyway. Link exchanges used to be popular, but Google has started to discount them and will soon disregard them in the future. Most people want to do them, because they are easy, easy stuff has a gravitational pull for most. The problem is when you sign up for "instant backlinks" is that you have no idea where your links are coming from until they start showing up. Links on link farms stink, and you really need to know where your link is placed. Its called theme relevancy. If your site is about kitchen gadgets and your link is on a computer site (with no page rank or authority) guess what your link relavency is? Yes you guessed That is because your sites are not about the same thing. Google has a bunch of brilliant people on staff, they know how to find people that are trying to game the system. Link building is a slow process is you do it right, you have to find or create good links to point to your site. Anything that says "free" "automatic" "easy" or "turbo" should be ignored.

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                Kaminari Newbie
                Unless there's a way to cut your online advertising costs perhaps you should explore alternative methods of advertising?
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                  ThemedSEO Wayfarer

                  you can go for SEO which gives you organic traffic.which will also not cost for you.
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                      I.M.C. Newbie
                      I like SEO also. If you would like to save time and money and have someone else do the work for you
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                          8acompany Wayfarer
                          start writing articles and grow your business organically. I recommend and use Ezine Articles.
                          It is a free service and it gets your website noticed.

                          Maybe you also need to tweak your website meta tags for improved search engine performance. Visit my website and leave me a email using my contact form, I will be happy to give you some individual help too.

                          Don't get discouraged, the virtual marketplace beats the high overhead of bricks and mortar anyday.
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                              Mike75065 Scout
                              Hi again,

                              You replied to one of my posting thanks. If you have time I love you to give me your review or opinion on my 1st ever shopping cart. I could not afford a designer and had a friend that would take the time to teach me and it hard but getting easier by day. I love it if you help and tell me what think or anything I could do better.

                              Not done yet and working on being done for my grand opening. 1st time trying to build shoping cart I can.


                              My shopping cart -------->


                              Michael Ladd
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                                  MlmRepMachine Newbie
                                  Most people don't understand Google Adwords or PPC (Pay Per Click).
                                  Trying to explain this could turn into a 3 day bootcamp so I'll endeavor to
                                  keep it brief in hopes that it might help you.

                                  1. You must educate yourself first. What type of courses have you taken
                                  training yourself on google adwords? Have you looked at all the free tutorials
                                  that Google offers?

                                  2. Are you tracking your results? You have to track impressions, clicks and conversions.
                                  If you're getting tons of traffic but no sales then the reality is that you might not have a product
                                  that people are willing to pay for.

                                  3. Keywords. Keyword search is the lifeblood of any PPC campaign. How many keywords
                                  are you using? How much time did you spend doing your research for those keywords?
                                  Are you split testing? How much do you have budgeted daily? How much are you paying
                                  per click?

                                  4. Your offer. What does your sales page look like? Do you use direct response copy?
                                  Do you even know what good copy is? Do you know what a good saleletter looks like?

                                  If you get 100 to 200 clicks but no sales you either have a dud or your have a poorly written
                                  sales page.

                                  Do you know what Google Love is?

                                  PPC is nothing more than click brokering. In other words, you buy the clicks at a discount
                                  and then you sale at a profit. If you are spending more than you're making then you are not
                                  buying the clicks at a discount.

                                  PPC is one of the fastest ways to determining if you have a winner.

                                  SEO is great but it takes much longer to see the results.

                                  Hope this helps.
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                            ThemedSEO Wayfarer
                            if you are interested in doing SEO for your website better u can visit which provides Free SEO Report for your website and from there u can plan your next step to increase traffic to your website.
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                              LisaMorgen Newbie
                              How much of your sales are based on referrals from current or previous clients? <!--if gte mso 9><xml>
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                              company is mostly referral-based because I just don't have the budget or
                              necessity to run large-scale marketing campaigns. Therefore, I know how
                              important it is to make each of the hundreds of clients I deal with feel as if
                              they are a valued business partner of my company. I use a CRM called Chili
                              Sales, which I feel is the most in-tune with the idea of knowing your
                              customers' wants and needs, and meeting their expectations. Then I can find who
                              my most satisfied customers are and leverage this positive relationship to
                              bring in new clients. I highly suggest that any struggling business out there
                              really rethinks their business model and adopts this kind of strategy. Make
                              your customers feel valued and satisfied, and they will be your best
                              Hope this is something you find useful. Their website is is you're interested.
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                                homebizsucces Newbie
                                Hi There,

                                There are actually numerous ways to promote your business with out having to pay advertising costs. Don't get me wrong, advertising on adwords, yahoo, miva, and other popular ppc services can all get you noticed if you use the right keywords, and don't mind spending the money.

                                If you don't have the money to spend, or want to cut back costs, I would reccomend putting a little sweat into other forms of marketing that is free. Such as network marketing with groups that are interested in the type of products you sell. Search on Google for different groups talking about your subject. You can also write articles and press releases on your subject, and to your surprise could be listed at the top of google if you choose the right avenues. Site ranking is also critical to your success and other types of free marketing can actually help your site boost in the rankings.

                                There are loads of ways to promote and not many people know about them, or know how to do them successfuly. If you need marketing assistance Try It will provide you with detailed information and video tutorials on how to market and promote your business.

                                Good luck!
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                                  phanio Pioneer
                                  You can work with google. Work on your keywords - target them better - thus, you will get more bang for your buck. Google has many resources to help you improve your trafiic and conversion. Start there.

                                  Business Money Today
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                                    Greatezzayz Newbie
                                    Why don't you hire the service of a DR copywriter?


                                    Prospects turn clients. The Power in Our Direct Response Marketing.
                                    Satisfaction Guaranteed !
                                    Grow Your Profit Today.
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                                      charles2 Newbie
                                      how about using other search way meawhile? SEO, BAIDU
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                                        vnavguys Tracker
                                        This is a great question. I think a lot of people do not understand the importance of Pay per click verses organic search results. I will try to keep it brief since its a 2 week conversation. You use PPC to get going and build revenue until your organic listings start to rank. Ranking organicly is key since its free. So how do you do that? here is a short list, keep in mind that these are long term oriented. I do this for my sites so that I can rank on page one of google and stay there. So far I have had excellent results, but none if it is easy short cuts.

                                        1. Do your keyword research. You have to know exactly what people are typing into Google to look for your product. This is the single most important thing. If you do not know the exact terms you will go nowhere. When you find out those terms, incorporate them into your sales pages. Make sure those keywords are present in your tags and in your content.
                                        2. Promote those keywords through articles and videos. Write an article about your industry and at the end include an anchor text link of one of your kewords that link to that page in your site. Do NOT write a sales page about your product, but rather write about something that is related and people would want to read.
                                        3. Take this article and submit it to Ezine articles, people will then take your article and post it on their sites or blogs. This will give you links to your site and improve your rankings naturally.
                                        4. Set a google alert for the title of the article, then you will know when the article gets posted somewhere. When it does, bookmark it using your favorite social site.
                                        5. Start making short comments about your Industry, not your product on twitter.
                                        6. Write articles for hubpages and link them to your site.
                                        7. Rinse and repeat like as many times as you can. Don't stop. If you cant write, hire a writer and pay them ten bucks instead of Googles PPC.

                                        I hope this helps,. its just the tip of the iceberg.
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                                          I.M.C. Newbie
                                          You can checkout this website, Maybe it can help
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                                            globalmpr Wayfarer

                                            You can use boot strapping techniques to market your business. For example, myspace, facebook, and other social networks can be used to market your business as well. I started a blog this weekend call BOUTMONEY.COM and I have only spent $50 on google adwords. You can also market your business using free promotional advertisment such ass pens and t-shirts. I would recommend reading some books or googling cheap marketing tactics. What ever you do don't give up and believe in yourself and your ideas.

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                                              MrCusp Wayfarer
                                              The action guide at SBI can provide great education and teach you how to do this yourself.

                                     is the action guide itself.

                                              I use SBI as my webhost, and I am very happy with them. The action guide a free resource you can use to learn to run your website. No sign up, either.

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                                                  Mike75065 Scout
                                                  Hi MrCusp,


                                                  I signed up to and there a web hosing company. if you get a chance please take a look at it and if like to log in just hi enter and you be on the feature page and I am going ask a desperate question. I like to know if you could help me build a 1000-2000 general merchandise products cart.


                                                  I just got your email to my post on SBI and I just signed up to company just like it. If you can help me I give you my user and password to log in.

                                                  Sorry I sound so desperate and I you give me a quote if want to help a desperate person would be great.




                                                  Michael Ladd
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                                                  flameofwest Newbie

                                                  are you allowed to post your website ?
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                                                    macspider Adventurer
                                                    You can use our service. I am a rep for Local AdLink. We can get you "sponsored link" status on 100's of search engines and social networks without the costly pay-per-click. You also have the ability to target your market by zip codes, called Geo Targeting. All computers are routed to local advertising in their zip codes first, this is a powerful tool.
                                                    The prices are severely lower than google or SEO costs.

                                                    Message me for details.

                                                    Hope this helps,

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                                                      loulou Newbie
                                                      Here is your answer and I hope that you like what you see here, please read very carefully all the details below and begin your journey to a rewarding future for yourself, Google does not stand behind what they say they are; Here you will you get more for your money for less cost.

                                                      Fully Certified e-Commerce Website for $10 a month
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                                                      If you need to sell online you need this shopping cart.

                                                      Try our demo at

                                                      Be Blessed
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                                                        hangelbel Newbie
                                                        Making money in the comfort of your own home using your computer with
                                                        internet connection is possible. There are many work from home
                                                        opportunities to join. However, you need to investigate on the website
                                                        before you register. Scammers are everywhere on net and there are many
                                                        of them now.

                                                        One of the best and easiest ways to make money
                                                        online is through Facebook. This social network is one of the oldest
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