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    where do i go from here?

    VerticalAdx Newbie
      I am starting a clothing line, specifically for outdoor/sportswear (t-shirts, sweatshirts, compression gear, board shorts,ect...). I have my company name/logo/permits, i just need to find a manufacturer that can produce these items. I have looked into "custom screenprinting" , however I have found that my logo would be placed onto someone else's clothing line. How do I go about creating my own clothing line? how do I find a manufacturer that will work with my business needs?
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          Generation4 Adventurer
          Welcome! I think you've found the right place to answer your questions. As a starting point, they have a forum called Events. Check it out, it's full of great advice some with stories of business owners who started out at home and now have large companies. The members here are very helpful.
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