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    T-Shirts for Charity

    imprinter Newbie

      Any one on this forum interested in creating a message or several messages, slogans etc, that I can imprint on T-Shirts that all participants can distribute to their favorite charities or causes or vote on one recipient. I mean collective messages/slogans that could effect positive changes in humanity, here at home and abroad in some ways.
      If anyone is interested or at least have any thoughts please do post your comments. I think we all should post our contribution between now until May 1, 2009, at which time I'll design a layout with all your slogan, messages and any other contribution we all deemed appropriate. I also suggest we keep Political correctness and advocacy out it and keep it simple with Humanity in mind. ( Full disclosure; I'm a local screen printer, here in Charlotte, North Carolina, volunteer youth soccer coach and youth counselor. If in fact the forum encourage this campaign my shop will be printing these T-Shirts at cost.) My email is