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      Feed Joint is an interesting concept which aims to create a blog(or as they call it Joint) using the RSS feeds. Its something like sharing all your favorite blog and sites with friends from a single place. It becomes easy to get information on certain niche topics when the gurus share their favorite blogs and sites. Rather than relying on the Google algorithm, humans give you the best sources of information on the relevant topic. Thats what feedjoint is there for. It has a pretty neat and uncluttered interface.

      As for most blogs, you need not register to read, but to create your own, you have to register. The Start Now button totally calls you out for that. Once you have entered the most basic information, you are all on your own to create categories and add RSS feeds of your favorite blogs.

      Once you are done, your joint is ready. You can share your friends and others. Whats more is that you can customize the looks of your joint from the settings panel. There are a lot of templates available which you can use, besides the usual, description etc.

      View the blog which was created using feedjoint:

      Just for the kicks of it, I have created a feedjoint page for Bangalore Bloggers. Its here at . Its just started up, in the sense it was announced at Barcamp Bangalore 7 first and then there was a session on the same at Barcamp Bangalore 7. Its in its public beta. Though its seems solid in performance but the UI still has some rough edges. You frequently come across dialogs, instead of the, now standard, non-interrupting AJAX messages.

      But in the end, like all niche startups its does have its two killer features

      Easily allow people to create an aggregate content for different topics for easy of tracking information.
      This site is mobile compliant and does render pretty well on your mobile, something which we need to do when we are commuting for long hours in city traffic in the office cabs.
      To me feedjoint makes sharing of feeds so easy. I have had friends who just want to know which blogs I read. I have even shared OPML files, but now I can just share the feedjoint link with everyone