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    Looking to consolidate business debt

    jyd08848 Newbie
      With the slowdown of the home construction business in NJ, I am looking to consolidate my business debt into one affordable monthly payment. I have 4 loans worth 175K and 2 truck loans worth 45K. I pay more than $ 8,000 a month covering these loans. I have never missed a payment and I have excellent credit. I have a business than nets about 500-600k a year and profits about 50k a year. I would love to get a loan with a payment between 3-4k a month to free up some working capital. Is there a company out there for me or should I try a local bank? Thanks --JYD
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          AdComm Newbie

          We can help you with this..please send me an email to;
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            BizSolutions Adventurer

            Please email me as I may have some solutions to offer you.

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              Amazon Newbie

              Please post your experience in resolving your credit problem and it will be useful for me.
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                phanio Pioneer
                I use to work with a company called America One Unsecured. This company provided unsecured loans and lines of credit for both personal and business use. Late last year, they kind of disapeared for a while then when they popped back up - the business had been sold to a debt consolidation company called Rocket Daddy, Inc. Just recently, I received an email asking to send the debt consolidation company some business as they have re-launched their services.

                I have been considering using them again - but, just don't know enough about them - besides all the reviews (the majority have been positive). I put this company out here to see 1) if anyone has used them in the past and 2) if you are in need of their services - try them out - from what I understand they only require $10,000 in debt (and that you want to take at least $10K in a new loan). I don't know if they charge fees (upfront or backend) and I don't know what their interest rates are or credit score requirements. If you would, check them out but please - come back here and let us know what happen - if you pursued it or not - and if they stood up to their side of the bargain.

                Keep in mind, if for any reason you feel uncomfortable about them - then walk away - especailly if they ask for money up front.

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                    wilfin Adventurer
                    Hi Phanio............I had some clients who had previous dealings with Am. One. Is Am. One now under the ownership
                    of Rocket One?

                    Also, in regard to up front fees. Our company does charge a nominal up front fee ranging from $99-349.00. Our
                    compensation comes from the back end which serves as the motivation to get a loan funded if it is feasible. However
                    unfortunately there are several unscrupulous companies charging exhorbiant up front fees ranging upwards to $5,000
                    to $15,000!

                    You're right, shop around and do your due diligence on any company you enter into any type of agreement with.