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    Problem with land deal....Need your help

    lidikaybj Newbie
      We sold 113 acres to a person, Oct 2008, and come to find out, they tied up an additional 12 acres due to an oversight when signing the papers a couple months ago. Everything says 113 acres, but in the wording they link an additional 12 acres in the sale, which was not part of the deal. We sold the 113 acres at 320K and no other amounts were added for the 12 acre parcel. The broker told the buyer to get a survey (so he was a part of this) and they found out that the 12 acres were in the middle of the 113 acres, so they inclded it in the signed papers. During the signing, as we were looking at the wording, I said, Hold on, the 12 acres is not part of the deal. The broker pulled out the survey and said, Here it is! Then they sidetracked us on other issues.
      When talking to the broker's attorney yesterday, he said If you had said it at the signing, he would have removed it. How much clearer is my "The 12 acres is not part of this deal" didn't he understand?
      What recourse do we have to get the 12 acres back that were part of this "Shady Deal"?
      Need your help in the steps to take.
      Jan and Bill