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    Plus-size consignment seekin microloan of $16K in NC

    jdanaya22 Newbie
      I have recently completed my business plan, attended the local small business center classes, and I am looking for a microloan of $16K to get the business started! It will be a plus-size only consignment shop selling new and used clothing and accessories. This is a highly untapped market and I have interest from at least 60 people who are ready to consign with me. I am only 25 yrs old and dont have a lot of credit history and lack retail experience but I do believe that from all of my skills and knowledge that I can make this business successful. I recently went to a SBA lender and they said that they would not be able to help me due to lack of credit history & lack of experience. I am willing to put in 10% of the loan amount, plus i have already purchased racks & etc. I just need someone who is willing to give me a chance & work with me!